Wednesday, October 29, 2014

M.A.C Presents The Autumn/Winter 2014 Makeup Trends: Part 1 - OFF COLOUR and STREAMLINED

We are absolutely loving the whole concept of M.A.C in its latest Autumn/Winter 2014 makeup trends - Beauty Is Individuality. It is indeed, when one believes in the power of makeup and how it can elicit a certain personality that you would like to evoke, based on your individuality. We will be sharing with you two of the four main trends revealed by the fabulous M.A.C Makeup Artiste, Romero Jennings, recently (previous blog post here and here) - Off Colour and Streamlined.

Beauty is individuality, for autumn/winter 2014, makeup has become something of a beautiful paradox. It is about artistry to achieve something that looks essentially un-cosmetic (thanks to ever more sophisticated and subtle makeup formulations and applications).

Masking and morphing feels irrelevant this season. A quiet alchemy of product and technique that nonchalantly amplifies what is unique in the face is the new stealth wealth of makeup "The new luxury is in individuality", confirms Gordon Espenit, M.A.C makeup artist from USA.

Polluted pink, unwholesome brown, bruised plum, dirty khaki, dull rust, dingy violet, dusty ochre, veined blue (and myriad shades born of a sludgily organic nature: mud, moss, mushroom, algae, sap, rust, grit...) are some of the colour tones for this trend. A drab-inflected palette is being used in a beautifully paradoxical manner this season: grungy colour that creates the effect of luminosity and life in the face.

This decayed shades prove that colour absolutely does not have to correct or complement in order to be beautiful. The artistry involve in this subversion is what is compelling about these uncomfortable shades.

Pure flash! Electric cool eyeshadow

"It's about breaking them in, not breaking them down." explains Terry Barber, "of the fact that these dustily filtered tones are seamlessly at one with tones already present in the skin. Their inherent grey-ness and extreme transparency takes them away from looking like evident pigments: They add MOOD, not makeup to the face.

Chromaline in Hi-Def Cyan, landscape green, genuine orange

Eyes are indisputably the feature to focus on for the season ahead. Framed with an architectural liner, these eyes add a strength to the face that sits somewhere between glamour and grunge (but vitally looks like neither of the two). "tomboy" and "tough around the eyes" were common descriptive of these lean, horizontally focused shapes.

Haute + Naughty lash

Complemented by similarly present brows, they lend a beautiful edge to the face that is not anything angry or extravagant. Liner now is an ornament but not an excessive one. What breathes new life into liner for AW14 is as much to do with the entire treatment of the face as the eyes in isolation. Nothing in the metier of these faces feel laboured. "The idea of something contained against something organic is what keeps it modern" says Terry Barber, pointing out that very minimally covered skin feels like the most appropriate canvas for an eye this season.

Fling and lingering eyebrow

Off Colour or Streamlined, they are two most definitely some interesting makeup trends to check out. Which one do you prefer? We are loving the off colour concept and approach and the dark black cream liner eye look of Streamlined. We feel, streamlined can be much fun for experimental purposes, perhaps when you hit the dance floor to some weekend parties, with those neon bright colorful eyes? For more on M.A.C cosmetics, click here. All pictures courtesy of M.A.C Malaysia.

Stay tuned as we shall reveal the other two main AW2014 trends from M.A.C soon. Till then, have fun with makeup and enjoy playing around with it *_^

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