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Introducing Phillip Wain's FRX D-White Divine Perfector Whitening Facial Treatment

With the new year came a new leash of life and this year it was a little extra special for LUMNNEJ as we were cordially invited by Malaysia's leading luxury ladies fitness and beauty club, Phillip Wain to experience their new launch for the 2016 - The FRX D-White Divine Perfector Whitening Facial Treatment.  This is a skin brightening and line perfector targeted facial treatment, one which is formulated with advanced technology to help one reduce these areas of concern over a period of time. We are excited to share our facial treatment experience with you now and read till the end of our blog post if you would like to enjoy a very special discount brought to you by Phillip Wain x LUMINNEJ, specially for you lovelies out there. 

Established more than 20 years ago, Phillip Wain is a one-stop health and beauty female club consists of facial, slimming, massage, personal training and skincare products and has a total of 8 clubs in the Asia Pacific Region, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore & Thailand. It is also the most exclusive and luxurious club offering exquisite facilities and services to all ladies in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Upon arriving at their Starhill club, we were greeted by the friendly staff. We were then required to change into comfortable wardrobe to be prepared for our facial treatment for the day. The space is a well-lit one, with a warm cosy ambiance, ample areas and space for changing, showering, and secured locker facilities to ensure you ladies and members alike will have a pleasantly relaxing and rewarding time spent at the club, each time you are there. We could not wait for our FRX D-White Divine Perfector Whitening Facial Treatment to begin already!

Further within the club are series of private massage and facial rooms, nestled amidst this clean and pristine ladies club. Our beautician for the day was a petite friendly lady who knows exactly what she was doing, explaining the D-White Divine Perfector Whitening Treatment to us, every step of the way. How does the treatment work to combat pigmentation and fine lines, one may wonder. The treatment is a combination of Fractional RF machine and I-Firm D-White Divine Treatment box. In other words, it is a combination of machine and skincare combined to achieve the desired results.

FRX RF - Fractional RF Line Perfector is a non-invasive radio frequency therapy that utilizes fractional RF energy to penetrate deep below the skin's surface to heal from within. This step rejuvenates the photo damaged and wrinkled skin to improve skin texture, colour tone, the reduction of fine line and pigmentation of the epidermis.

I-Firm D-White is a revolutionary skincare range, with powerful anti-oxidant and whitening results due to the use of all natural plant ingredients. It activates the skin cells by replenishing the skin with oxygen and nutrients. It is very potent to fight against yellow glycation, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, blemishes, dry and tired skin.

First off, we started with cleansing and exfoliating of our face (25 minutes), and followed by  (10 minutes) steaming of the face, a mild extraction (of the white and black heads, which the beautician did not really find much on our face, thank goodness *_^) and a hand massage. The next step would be the massage of the face with the I-Firm D-White #1 Concentrate (5 minutes). This concentrate is clear in colour, odorless, it is also anti-glycation and anti-oxidant with key ingredients like Co-enzyme Q10 (protein), Soluble Elastin (fiber), Idebenone (environment protection, powerful anti-wrinkle), Atelocollagen (non-allergic and more easily absorbed by the skin than collagen), hydrolyzed RNA (protein-ribonucleic acid) and Sodium Hyaluronate (HA).

Next, Fractional RF (Line Perfector) is administered (30 minutes). This is when the high-tech machine was used. It is a relatively small looking hand device which comes with 3 different sizes of interchangeable treatment heads and all tips are plated with gold (much better conductivity compared to other materials used). It had a slightly heated tingling sensation kind of feeling whenever the machine came in contact with the surface of our skin, and the motion was some what like stamping onto the face. She actually administered one side of our face first. Then with a mirror, she showed us the results. We did notice a significant reduction of our laugh line at one side of our mouth compared to the other (not treated just yet). She meticulously stamped the surface area until our whole face was covered, and the process was repeated a couple of times. 

Due to the different sizes of the pin head, it is able to treat different areas like face, eyes and neck. The benefits of this process include instant reduction of fine lines, firmness of the skin and increase of skin's elasticity. It also minimizes pores, evens out the skin tone and colour and lightens pigmentation of the epidermis.

This is then followed by the massage of I-Firm D-White Divine #2 Lightenex (5 minutes). Oxygen infused, it promotes the production of collagen, improves uneven skin tone, reduces pigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin. It also helps to smoothen wrinkles and tightens sagging skin. Key ingredients include Regu-Fade (Resveratrol), CollGuard (Glycation inhibitor), Arbutus (Bearberry), Ascorbyl Glucoside, Hydrolyzed Silk (silk amino acids), Morus (white mulberry) and Alba Root Extract (mulberry root).

By now, we were almost half asleep as the treatment was so relaxing and enjoyable. The I-Firm D-White #3 Revivify was applied. The beautician told us this mask will be left on for 15 minutes. We were more then happy, that was for sure *_^ This mask replenishes oxygen and nutrition, anti-inflammation, promotes metabolism of the epidermis cells, strengthens sebum layer and skin immunity and defers skin cells aging. Key ingredients include Syn-Tacks (peptides), Tripeptide-3 (protein), Sodium RNA (conditioning), Gamma Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Olive Squalene and L-Arginine PC (amino acid). 

Last but not least, the facial treatment was completed with a shoulder massage and moisturizing (10 minutes). Our  FRX D-White Divine Perfector Whitening Facial Treatment (total of 105 minutes) was considered done by then. It was such a sensorial experience, one that was relaxing and we did notice that our face was brighter, more relaxed, skin looked a little smoother and most definitely felt happy after the facial treatment *_^

After our session, we decided to take a quick shower to freshen up and we were then being treated to a drink of the day at the Health Juice Bar. All in all, it was an amazing pampering session with Phillip Wain. To help more lovelies achieve the desired brightened face and complexion, we have decided to collaborate with Phillip Wain Malaysia to bring you our exclusive first trial offer here, specially for our readers and followers. It is a whopping 60% discount on normal price of the facial treatment, plus you are also walking away with an additional body massage, for no extra cost! How cool is that? 

So, for those who would love to experience this relaxing facial treatment, refer to the details stated below. Make sure you mention Jeann Liew from LUMINNEJ upon making your appointment.

We hope that you have enjoyed our a little afternoon rendezvous and all the best to you who are looking to try this one out. Thanks Phillip Wain Malaysia for the kind arrangement. Locations of this ladies only club are started as per below:

Starhill Gallery
Lot S28-S37, Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery, No.181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL (+603.2148.2200)

Menara Millenium
Level 1-2 & 2-3, 8 Jalan Damanlela Damansara Heights, 50490 KL (+603.2092.2200)

For those who have missed out the promotion above, not to worry. You can still start your First Trial with Phillip Wain Malaysia, with an even more attractive promotional price! Click here to book your appointment now. Make it quick this time, lovelies.

Enjoy and we shall talk again soon.

With love, 
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