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[Review] Melvita Nectar De Miels Body Care In Conjunction With Melvita Earth Month 2016

If you had followed us long enough on LUMINNEJ, you would know we love Melvita as a brand, for we believe loving organic also means a gentler approach to not only our skin, but to the earth and mother nature in general. We were invited by Melvita Malaysia to attend their Earth Month activity and celebration recently but unfortunately, we could not make it as we were away on shoot in Hong Kong. Nonetheless, the beautiful people at Melvita were kind enough to send along their latest releases - the Melvita Nectar De Miels Body Care range for us to try. Thanks again for the big love! We shall let our lovely contributing beauty writer, SASY tell you how much she has been enjoying these exquisite items, shall we?

These products came at the perfect timing, as we needed something to heal our extremely dry skin after a weeklong holiday and sunburnt session in Phuket, Thailand. Our arms were dry and flaky and our legs were visibly dehydrated. Applying aloe vera gel alone was not enough to ease our skin's discomfort. 

Melvita's new range of Organic Thyme Honey body care known as Nectar De Miels has exceptional repairing powers as it is combined with acacia and orange blossom honeys. Instantly relieves, repairs and revitalizes our parched skin. Some interesting facts: before the invention of antibiotics, thyme oil was often used - for its antiseptic properties - to medicate bandages, as well as in infusions to soothe sore throat. Today, thyme honey is the subject of cutting-edge medical research, which has shown that this plant has powerful benefits. 

First thing after our morning shower, we apply Nectar De Miel's Comforting Creamy Milk. Though rich, this product has a very fluid texture, gliding smoothly on our skin, making it dance in suppleness and feeling amazingly nourished. Love the fact that it absorbs quickly without the sticky residue and leaves us smelling like a garden of sweet flowers.

Our favourite in this range has got to be the Nectar De Miels Comforting Balm. Unlike the Comforting Creamy Milk, the balm is thicker in texture and oh so lovely to the touch. Known as a supreme nourishing balm, we use this at night before bed and wake up with deliciously soft and supple skin. Targeting areas such as our elbows and feet, the balm work wonders in eliminating the rough and stubborn dryness. Although rich, the skin absorbs the balm like water, instantly alleviates in long-lasting comfort. The floral scent also calms and drifts us off to slumberland *_^

We would highly recommend Nectar De Miels range for those who has parched and sensitive skin such as us here. Melvita products contain NO paraffin, paraben, silicone and no synthetic fragrances or colourings amongst other chemicals. In fact, Ecocert France has certified Melvita products organic (using only organic honey and other natural organic ingredients), so you can enjoy these products with a peace of mind.

Want something to accompany you through the day? Try the Comforting Hand Cream that comes in a convenient handbag-sized tube. The product is even richer in texture to combat dry chapped hands. Like the Comforting Creamy Milk and Comforting Balm, don't worry about the sticky icky feeling after applying *_^

Melvita Nectar De Miels Comforting Creamy Milk comes in a bee-tiful 200ml tube at MYR115 while the Comforting Balm comes in a honeylicious 175ml tub at MYR138. Melvita Nectar De Miels Comforting Hand Cream comes in a convenient size of 75ml at MYR73 and 30ml at MYR36. Here to discover more of this new range, which is now available in store at a Melvita near you (here).

Written by SASY, contributing beauty writer.
Hope you have enjoyed our review and to learn more about this lovely organic French beauty brand, hop over to their official website here or Facebook page here. Thanks Melvita Malaysia for the love! To celebrate Earth Month, from 1st April onwards, Melvita is doing their bit by bringing a touch of nature to our buzzing capital. Just drop by any Melvita stores and spend above MYR100 in a single receipt, you will be entitled to bring home a complimentary organic starter kit - a Nectar De Miels Experience Kit and an organic Thyme herb potted plant. Not only this healing herb is a culinary staple thanks to its distinctive taste, it has many medicinal benefits when taken orally too! Good for your skin, good for your health and good for the environment. So, be sure you make "thyme" for it, lovelies! Hurry up as it is limited to first 50 customers (each store) only and on a first come first served basis ya.

Have a luminously beautiful day and weekend, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. Both this milk and cream seem so moisturising - I've been really working on improving the dry skin on my arms lately and so these products seem as though they'd be of great help on that front! I can imagine the honey scent must be divine :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. That's good to know, Gabrielle, hope you have this Melvita brand in UK *_^

  2. I've never heard of this brand but the products sound interesting and like they do the job pretty well :) Have a lovely week ♥

    1. Melvita is a French organic brand and they do have some really lovely products! Thanks for dropping by, Trishna. Hope to see you again *_^


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