Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jo Malone London Cologne Intense | An Intensely Pleasant Rendezvous

Rich, rare and ritualistic, we were being ushered into the mystical world of Middle Eastern's heritage, culture and its allure of spices and oils, mingling ever so gently in the pleasant afternoon air that unmistakably belonged to this British fragrance brand which has its core philosophy steeped in elegant simplicity, reflected so cleverly by the black, dark and hypnotic ambience and decor put up at the The Gallery, Le Meridien Hotel recently. Our interest were immediately piqued. We are so in love with our very first cologne by Jo Malone London here, so naturally, we could not wait to discover what this new Jo Malone London Cologne Intense brings forth. We were about to find out more at this private media preview then.

Rich with precious ingredients, Jo Malone London Cologne Intense takes a different approach to fragrance, with reinterpretation of time-honoured ingredients and gives them that modern touch which is deeply sensual, each with a delicious, even dangerous edge that is Cologne Intense, according to fragrance director, Celine Roux. In fact, the Jo Malone London Creative Studio were captivated by the way the Middle Easterns use of scents that they took the rich and rare ingredients so loved from this region and gave them a modern character, each has its own surprising Jo Malone London twist. For the brand, it is drawing inspiration from its roots and elevating its historical ingredients to achieve a modern sensibility, this was shared and elaborated to us by Jo Malone London Retail Manager, Ms. Hooi Leng and her team.

We were then given each of the Cologne Intense to sample and take a sniff. The Jo Malone London Cologne Intense collection consist of 6 existing scents, with Orris & Sandalwood being the star of the afternoon that day, a brand new scent being introduced to the existing family, which was launched some time last year. The 6 deep and unique colognes  - Tuberose Angelica, Velvet Rose & Oud, Amber & Patchouli, Incense and Cedrat, Dark Amber & Ginger Lily and Oud & Bergamot. It was delightfully pleasant to be able to discover how historical ingredients are being used in a modern way. Not too sure if it was pure chance or twist of luck, even the power supply played a joke on us, the electricity tripped for a short while, adding to the mysterious and dark vibe of the afternoon... oooohhhh *_^

All of Jo Malone London colognes are structured so they can stand alone or be blended and aired with other Jo Malone London scents for endless bespoke effects, the Cologne Intense collection is no exception. To extend the efficacy and experience of this intensity, one can also enjoy them as part of the body care ritual - Moisturising Cologne Intense Dry Body Oil and Home Candles created with striking and decadent black wax. 

We are looking forward to share with you our experience of using the choice of our very first Jo Malone London Cologne Intense in the near future. So stay tuned then. Thanks Jo Malone London Malaysia and its PR team for the love and special invite. We thoroughly enjoyed this cosy and intimate experience which is truly memorable *_^ 

Here for more on the Cologne Intense collection, and here for the Jo Malone London brand. If you are a fan, we are pretty sure you would have followed them on their Instagram here and Facebook here already. 

Have a luminous rest of the week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. What a clever concept they've incorporated into the space - a dark, moody ambience to match the scents! I adore Jo Malone fragrances, so I can imagine this event must have been a brilliant opportunity to get up close and personal with the brand :) I love your photography in this post by the way!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x
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    1. yes indeed, it was very well thought out, could tell that they put much thought into it *_^ awww thanks so much for your compliment, coming from someone whose photography skill is so amazing!

      Thanks for dropping by, Gabrielle, appreciate a great deal of your time here!


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