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M.A.C Trends SS16: ALL or NOTHING Part 1

Nothing beats checking out the latest colours and beauty trends that intertwine with runway shows better than from a beauty brand that pushes the envelope of how makeup is perceived and interpreted, again and again, the makeup innovator, M.A.C Cosmetics. Following our "tradition" of sharing these trends with you previously (here), we are excited to explore with you the latest Spring/Summer 2016 makeup looks, inspired by fashion and backstage beauties and creations. This season, the two major themes are ALL or NOTHING. Under the ALL theme, there are trends like Aquatic, Broken Doll, Crayon and Hot Cherry. As for NOTHING, there are Lustre, Raw Refined and The Face. Today, we shall share 2 trends from each theme here. 

There is a refreshing simplicity to beauty this season, in both literal and conceptual terms: makeup artist are either making a decisive statement that pushes one element to the extreme, or adopting a variant on "no makeup" as an equally strong and relevant stye of choice for SS16. "You're either doing what looks like nothing or a strong something." summarises Tom Pecheux. The relative extremity of both these aesthetic options feels modern right now because they rebel against generic beauty. "It's about rejecting the idea that beauty can be a 'recipe'," says Terry Barber of how makeup artists are exploring ways to elevate natural beauty while simultaneously challenging the idea of "perfection." that an embrace of "real" beauty has been relevant for a few seasons reveals that the notion of a total seasonal "reboot" on aesthetics is a rather outmoded concept: the story of modern makeup is a conversation that evolves from one season to the next, the current debate swings away from symmetry, airbrushing or homogenised proportions and swings towards representing a confident, sentient individual whose makeup fits her face rather than clones "a look." 

International Klein Blue and its close relatives come into the fore as the eye colour of the season. Manifested in liners, lashes and beyond, this true cobalt blue has a richness to it that it tempered by a naive application, giving the eyes an almost graffiti-like urban twist. "A certain blue enters your soul." reveals Henri Matisse.

We think this is quite a refreshing trend as the eyes are super gorgeous with hues of sea, waves and nature, with a strong sense of adventure. Perhaps for those who would love to try something different for the eyes makeup?

Broken Doll
"A little distorted, cute doll" is how Lucia Pierogi poignantly describes the tendency towards an unorthodox lash this season. "Mascara and lashes are now being used in an ornamental way, to give the eye an edgy feeling that is full of attitude: telling a story of where this woman has been and what she has done," says Gordon Spinet. 

"There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." by Francis Bacon.

Those crazy long lashes are definitely played out to the max in this trend. This reminded us of one time we tried and experimented with red pink lashes once and it really needed some getting used to for we are so used to the usual black or at least dark brown mascara already. Not for the faint hearted, we feel. This Extended Play Gigablack lash mascara featured here remains one of our favourites so far, from M.A.C. (previously here)  and Yes! We have not mastered the art of false lashes, just yet *_^

ALL theme, the nail colours and designs that is called Teen Spirit

"It used to be a tan was considered the luxury summer beauty statement... now it's incredibly good skin, " says Lyne Desnoyners of the fact that skin quality is at the core of contemporary "no makeup makeup." Less consciously refined than the elegance that characterised pared-back makeup last season, and in line with the pervasive 90's spirit, this new approach is about invisible enchantment and accentuating. "Really, really real... better versions of themselves," is how Val Garland describes these looks. "This is gym skin with an athletic, not cosmetics, health to it."

It's approaching feminine makeup akin to the 'grooming' makeup we do for men," says Lisa Butler, speaking of how skincare prep is intrinsically part of these new minimal makeups, and while there are nuances to "nothing" (rawness, luminosity and upgraded health being the key directions), makeup artists are unanimous in the opinion that "these looks are every woman's idea of how she'd ideally like to look with no makeup on..." says Terry Barber.

The enduring fascination with dividing new ways to bring lightings and brightness to the complexion beams, this season, towards the fractionated luminosity of quartz and crystal, for a lustrous strobe lit finish. "It's more radiant than metallic, with a satin, pearly sheen," says Petros Petrohilos. "It's another level of the glow," adds Terry Barber, describing it as "a mother of pearl blurriness, not an oily glow."

"Texture is simply vital to modern, natural makeup," says Gordon Espinet. "Instead of adapting the face with colour we are drawing attention to specific areas by adding some points of shine to contrast against matte skin." While these effects do not self-consciously add dimension to the face, a bounce o light on the cheekbones and high planes does automatically lend a degree of shaping that pulls out the features. "It brings out a lot of different reflections in the skin for a multi-faceted feel," explains Val Garland. "The complexion needs to look as if it has had endless facials and is honed to the bone."

Technically, it isn't about minimalism per se; in fact, layering and massaging in very specific light-reflecting products - notably strobe cream and pearled cream colour bases plus moisturisers and fine textured foundations - is the secret to endowing skin with translucent, glazed luminosity. Not that this needs to be particularly complicated in technique: "The latest generation of products has such fine textures that technology does a lot of the job for us as makeup artists," explains Lyne Desnoyers. 

"He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star." by William Blake

The Face
"It's a beautiful rawness," says Lucia Perioni of the omnipresent steer towards Lo-fi beauty. "It's about really looking at how to accentuate the beauty in a face in an invisible way... and the importance of understanding that there's no strict prescription to this; it's about looking raw, but not completely raw... evening-out and polishing the skin tone but only minimally so." mimicking the appearance of real skin that is enhanced with little more than moisture, "raw" makeup ranges from just a touch of concealer to something charged with three-dimensionality thanks to careful placement of hydration against a bare complexion (all accented with considerately tended-to brows, an intangibly lived-in or naturally pigmented feel to the eyes and velvety blamed lips).

"There is a movement in makeup technique that is less "makeup artist" and more "woman"," says Gordon Espinet. "The fashion world is over the #filter makeup." Diane Kendal, a makeup artist synonymous with this look, agrees, "I just find it very unflattering to see a thick base and powder; fresh skin makes a much cooler statement."

"I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, feel free now." - Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve.

NOTHING theme, the nail colours and designs that is called Authentic

If you had followed us long enough at LUMINNEJ, you will know that we love natural makeup more than strong colourful ones. So, naturally, our favourites would have to be from the NOTHING theme. So, do you have any favourite looks from the trends shared here? Hope you have fun with your makeup routine and get inspired by some of the looks. All backstage and head shots visuals courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics Malaysia (here for more about the brand). Thanks for always sharing the latest trends in beauty with us here. Oh of course, we love that strobing technique (featured here previously).

Till part 2 of the SS16 trends, have a beautiful week and stay happy always, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. I've also noticed the dramatic divide in makeup trends at the moment - either strikingly bold and colourful, or wonderfully simple and dewy. I'm all for the latter personally speaking, however to look at, the colourful shades favoured by MAC are incredible. Stunning! Thanks for the mass of gorgeous photos and inspiration!

    1. yes indeed gabrielle. All gorgeous pics by team M.A.C

      am always very intrigued by their backstage visuals! hard to come by these days though *_^


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