Tuesday, April 19, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] Reading Between The Lines

Women are complicated, yet simplistic, we can be fierce in pursuit of our dreams, yet vulnerable in protecting them, we look for the best in mankind, yet reserve the most precious part of us to those who understand us most, our trust in you, who may cross our paths. Remember, never to betray that trust we so dearly give you. We laugh unconditionally, we cry unreasonably well, we could even poison you, perfectly, without even lifting a finger, if we wish to, but of course, we are too kind to do so, for we are one of a kind, in this world. 

We are one of a kind who could lift you up to the highest heaven, or bring you crushing into an unimaginable deep hell. Whether you love a woman who thinks deeply, or one who leaves the thinking to you, either way, she is one who is never to be taken lightly for she may just drive you crazy... after all... for the better, or worse. Therefore, be so kind to read between the lines, will you?

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With love, 
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  1. thanks so much, my dear friend. You have always been a great friend and a supporter and I appreciate your love so much! It means the world to me *_^

    Have a great week!


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