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[Review] La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum

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Our very first introduction to this luxury brand that has cult followings was back when La Mer introduces their La Mer Reparative Skintint here, and this wonderful foundation tint remains one of our all time favourite face products till today. This time around, we are pleased to receive yet another new innovative product from La Mer, their new The Lifting Eye Serum to try out recently, all thanks to La Mer Malaysia *_^ 

Continuing its commitment to deliver optimal benefits that lift the look of skin. La Mer introduces The Lifting Eye Serum with its new Stretch Matrix Complex to visibly support the architecture of the eye and brow. Sounds cool with the word matrix and all, right? Actually, much thought and research was put into developing such a product, as it combines red-algae technology and other sea-based actives to help strengthen, repair and uplift the look of the eye area. We shall see how it fairs, all right?

Designed to create an interlaced net of kelp-infused actives, this eye serum utilises naturally derived ingredients like the unique red-algae, kelp gel (a natural lifting polymer), it works in a way that the Stretch Matrix Complex self-assembles an interlaced elastic net to give that lifted effect.

The other new element created specially for the delicate eye area is the new Uplifting Ferment to strengthen the barrier and smoothen the delicate skin of the eye area. It is a combination of Brown Algae (coined as 'the fountain of youth'), copper-rich Blue Algae and rejuvenating marine-peptides to help skin stimulate its own natural production of elastin. 

Of course, it would not be called a La Mer product without the renowned Miracle Broth component to it. This eye serum is formulate with not only one, but 3 forms of powerful dose of Miracle Broth - original, concentrated and encapsulated. This combo helps to boost natural cellular activity and visibly firm the eye area. Super powerful indeed, right?

Our Experience
Of course, this new product comes in a signature dark green glass study bottle which is uniquely La Mer. With a quick twist of the cap (and closes neatly back as well), the dropper is easy to use and dispenses the amount you need onto your ring finger first, then dap onto the eye areas. It also comes with a small/miniature, specially engineered cooling applicator. There are two sides to this little wonderful applicator - The round side, which should be used on cleaned skin (before you apply the eye serum), gently press on the inner corner of the eye area, toward the end of the brow, as well as the under eye area to help stimulate microcirculation and to soothe these areas. Just gentle gestures will do, lovelies. 

The Flat side, of the applicator, is to be used to sweep over eye area once you have pad the lifting serum around your eyes. Starting from the inner corner of the eyes, towards the outer corner, upwards motions, in a gentle manner, to smooth and lift the eyes, same motion and direction for the under eye. You have no idea how much we LOVE this applicator especially the round side. As we constantly experience eyes pain, especially around the inner corners of our eye (perhaps due to heavy use of computer), this applicator comes in handy to relief our stress level whenever we apply slight pressure to our problem points. It really saved our day *_^ We only wish that it could come with a small sachet or something to house this little "magic wand"!

Need to look a little closer to see the clear texture of the serum on the white pebble though *_^

Upon application, and once you start to sweep the serum around your eye area with the applicator, it gives off a little heated feel, warm sensation. We also noticed that you cannot put too little of the product, or the serum will dry off pretty quickly after a few rounds of sweeping motion and you will get that feeling of metal dragging against your skin kind of effect. The serum is a clear watery gel-type of formula and glides on smoothly, with a little stickiness when dries down, but goes off after a while. It feels really soothing though, on the eyes after the application.

We have been using the product for close to a month now. We do feel the tightening sensation each time we apply the serum, day and night. So, we believe it has some firming effect. We wake up to a more rested, relaxed and soothing-looking bright eyes over time. As for the lifting effect, we don't really notice it that much though. Perhaps, this product is meant to be paired with the rest of the lifting series from La Mer to fully optimise and enhance its lifting and sculpting results - like The Lifting Contour Serum, The Lifting and Firming Mask and The Lifting Intensifier.

The La Mer Lifting Eye Serum is retailed at MYR880 (15ml). More about the product here and the La Mer brand here. Their instagram has loads of beautiful latest updates as well here, if you are keen to follow. Thanks La Mer Malaysia (Facebook page here) for the extra love! Our eyes are being pampered to the brim of late. La Mer is available at the following stores:

Robinsons, The Gardens (Tel: +603.2201.4104)
Isetan, Suria KLCC (Tel: +603.2161.0390)
Parkson, Pavilion KL (Tel: +603.2141.0452)
Isetan, Bandar Utama (Tel: +603.7722.3202)

Till our next beauty discovery, have a luminous beautiful start to a brand new week! 

With love, 
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  1. I've tried a few La Mer products which I really liked but the prices not so much haha. This serum sounds vey lovely and luxurious and the Stretch Matrix Complex sounds pretty cool. I like the dropper packaging since it's hygienic and easy to control. I try to avoid eye creams packaged in jars these days if I can.

    Yes my fascination with DOTS has moved onto the SongSong couple LOL. Their interactions are just so telling if you read between the lines. Tell your husband to stop being a hater ;p First of all people who say that Hye Kyo is too old for Joong Ki should just be slapped cause they probably wouldn't have a problem if the man was the older one. They have a 3 year difference and he happens to be very mature. They've both said that. This would also not be a promotion tactic considering dating your costar is frowned upon and the news would a distraction from the show. Besides which the two of them are very private people. I doubt they'd come out with any type of admission unless they're getting married. Even the people around them seem to be shielding them which is really cool.

    Hope you enjoyed the last two episodes. I feel like there was some unnecessary drama but they managed to tie up all the storylines nicely in the end. Do you really wish for your life to be like a Korean drama? Not me! I feel like drama romance is so contrived. I know just how lucky I am to be married to someone who still makes an effort to make me feel loved every day so I would always choose real life. I hope things are alot better in your world now :) Have an inspired new week dear Jeann!

    1. haha am sure going to be rooting for them if their relationship is for real, which I am not surprised *_^ sparks can always fly on sets. They will make a great looking couple anyways, anytime!

      Well, I would not mind escaping into the contrived Korean drama world once in a while but I guess real life is much more real than it is and can never wish for a love like those in the dramas as they are never real to begin with *_^

      Life is getting better and busier of late. It's always a work in progress. Thanks for your well wishes, my dear friend. Appreciate it a lot! Big hugs.

  2. I love your photography with flowers x

  3. HI dearest, great review, I am really curious to try it, if you said that you noticed rested and relaxed eyes I am in, it is definitely all i need, i am currently using the Lelift from Chanel, is really good but I don't see any lifting either mmm, maybe our eyes do not need it! aha! We are so young and beautiful!!
    Thanks for the review, have a lovely weekend Bella.
    Baci Are.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. haha you are such a funny lady, my bella! I never thought of it that way though, perhaps you are right, we are too young that we can't notice the lifting that much, huh? heeehee

      you really brighten my day now!


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