Saturday, March 26, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] Learn To Love

To love deeply, to love unconditionally, we fell into that trap, often than not, thinking that love is meant to be, believing that all we need is only love, but never to question ourselves, have we loved, properly or in fact, correctly? Is there a proper way to love? Is there a formula that is perfect? Unfortunately, there is none.

Having said that, we do believe there are some ways to make us feel like, love is all worthwhile after all. We wish to have the love of the world, we wish to be happy, eternally, without ever to worry that the love we receive will ever cease to exist, but of course, this is a wishful thinking, for ultimately, no one can love us more than we allow them to, or no one could ever love us, more than we love ourselves first. 

Distanced, separated, we felt we need some time away, away from it all, including writing, for writing discloses the deepest part of your secrets, the secrets of the heart, the unspoken words of your mind, they could have played hide and seek a little longer, in your mind, and not be exposed to the world, your heart which is truly aching, your body that is truly weakening, your soul that is utterly broken, broken by the circumstances, abandoned by destiny that is not willing to bend for us, not just yet, but we believe, when the right time comes, magic will happen to remind us that miracles do exist.

We wish for a kind of love, a special kind of love that transcends space and time. A unique kind of love that brings you far beyond this world, to see more, to explore more, to feel more, to learn more, to create more, to love deeply, to love fearlessly, to see the sky and clouds in their most beautiful form, to have a lovely space to retreat back to, at the end of each day, to just hop on a bike ride spontaneously, and be whisked away into the winding roads, lost in the nonsense of life has to offer, and just be silly and enjoy the comfort of one another.

We honestly believe, we need to learn, to learn to LOVE, all over again. Perhaps this will be a lifelong lesson that we shall need to do, continuously, for as long as we live, for each love brings a different perspective, and holds a varied meaning after all. One thing is certain, each love that passes you by or crossed your path, it makes you better, stronger and wiser. Do you believe in that?

All visuals via LUMI pinterest here.

Dedicated to the lover of life and beauty, the one out there, somewhere , who is able to see, what real love, truly is and meant to be

With love, 
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  1. oh my dearest Jeann, I do believe in that, Yes I do. Learning to Love is never-ending process.
    I Love this post so much, thanks for sharing, my husband also enjoy they beautiful music.
    Big love to you my dearest friend.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. My dear Arely, I am so happy that you enjoyed it as much as you hubby do. You are one lucky woman who has it all and deserves the best in life, and for that, I am truly happy for you.

      Big love back to you and dear family *_^ Your support will always be my strength to carry on! and I thank you for that, sincerely.

  2. To have love in your life, no matter the form is one of the greatest gifts. I feel incredibly for every day I get to spend with my husband. No matter how many K-drama crushes, I have, he will always be my OTL and he's also my favorite flower boy haha ;p

    1. haha I can tell your hubs is the centre of your world and the love of your life, as you ever put it so eloquently via your blog posts, which I have read previously.

      It is beautiful to have the love of your life with you, to be loved and love you back. I am truly happy for you, my dear friend. Am sure it will last forever!

  3. Jeann, you should really consider writing a book. Your words are beautiful and they flow into the heart of anyone who reads them. I'm lucky to finally found the love of my life, it was a hard road trying to get here but I dare to say that I'm finally home.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I could imagine it and believe all that you have said here. Finding true love is most definitely a long and winding journey, for some, or it can be as easy as eating a piece of pie for others, Shireen. Yes! I am rooting for your new love and the lovely family you have there.

      Treasure it as much as you can and as long as you can for love like this is truly hard to come by! and I am sincerely happy for you, from the very bottom of my heart, woman to woman!


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