Monday, February 9, 2015

[Star Gazing] The British Talent And Beauty That Is Felicity Jones

The fragility of an actress rarely demands any notice until it is too heavy to bear, on screen, too subtle  not to be noticed, within the frames - a tortured soul, a loving wife, a smitten young girl, Felicity Jones plays that part of Jane Wilde Hawking to perfection in The Theory of Everything, starring opposite the equally talented Eddie Redmayne.

Actually, we fell in love with her in the other film called The Invisible Woman already. She plays a young 18-year-old actress, Nelly Ternan who fells in love with Charles Dickens (played by Ralph Fiennes). She has such an impeccable approach to acting that is almost perfectly natural and impactful, each time she appears on screen. Her beauty is very much vintage and she has that appearance of nostalgic, which is such a classic beauty that can most undeniably withstand the test of time. Her looks makes her perfect for period pieces, we feel. Of course, she has the other side of her too, if you dare to style her differently *_^

We love the film The Theory of Everything! A must watch this year. We shall leave you with some selected visuals of this talented British actress, which we adore and hope that you will enjoy them, as much as we do. We are very certain that she will go far in her acting endeavour.

All visuals via pinterest.

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  1. I definitely want to watch this movie. After seeing the trailer I realised just how little I knew about the brilliant Mr Hawking. And now how little I know about this actress. Something about her seems so familiar, yet I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it is her beauty, like you said, that has a nostalgic and vintage air about it.


    1. Yes, Sonia, most definitely a movie that you will not regret watching as it's such a human story, driven by love and passion and struggle in life, yet it's really poignant.

      Yeah, perhaps she's a little mysterious that way. Maybe you have seen her somewhere before this?

      Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Oscar nominee "Felicity Jones" will be presenters at 87th academay awards. Can't wait to see her in Oscars 2015 live Online on Feb 22.
    So guys, don't miss :Oscars 2015 live Stream link.

    1. thanks for sharing, she is a beauty and awesome indeed!


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