Saturday, February 28, 2015

[Musing] The Sea Is Calling

To be drifted away, this Saturday it is, to a place far, far away, 
where letting go of things in a bottle, hoping that the waves will carry them away, like how the wind shoulders our dreams into the open sea, is something of a dream in reality. 
As though the call of the nature, could prove our sheer existence, this very moment.

I put on a white dress, and a black pair of heels, running incessantly, towards the sea,
hoping to catch, a final glimpse of you leaving, but only the gleaming ocean, heard my silent whisper, wishing you could stay, ever so slightly. Oh such silly of me. You never wanted to, in the first place,
do you?
That piece of reality, hits me at that instant, there and then, every so timely.

But no, I open my eyes, that image is only but a sequence, as if replaying from a scene in a movie,
like the flickering light, from the projector, it is not even real, to begin with.
Life is now great, all over again, as the time has come, for me to take a look at life,
really seriously, with a fresh eyes and a cleansed mind.

This life on my own, can be as beautiful, as the sea itself. 

I no longer wish that thing could have been different, as I begin to comprehend, life unfolds, naturally, for a certain reason, and purpose for me. Today is the day, my life has just begun, for whatever comes my way, it most definitely will be, as pretty as how I imagined it to be - no more, no less. Be happy to be not only alive, but to be LIVING a life worth dreaming about.

// All visuals via LUMI's pinterest //

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