Friday, February 27, 2015

[Inspiration] Style Crush: Moderosa By Roos-Anne van Dorsten

As always, we stumbled upon our style crushes by accident and many a times, it always surprises us with good outcome. Of recent, we discovered a space called WhatsTrend Blog which comprises a few influential bloggers around the region of Europe. One of them caught our attention. Her very basic style appeals to our senses and that began our love affair with her (her blog actually *_^ oh and her instagram too!). She is Roos-Anne van Dorsten, the beautiful blogger behind the blog, MODEROSA.

We don't really know much about her, except the fact that she is based in the Netherlands and jet-sets around the world with a good friend of hers (whom we love as well). Why so, you may wonder. It is because there is basically not much to read about, each blog post is often kept very brief but the visuals are enough to keep us not only entertained, but most of all, inspired.

Loving her style of basic go-to looks, which often always work for her - the leather pants, oversized sweater or uber cool leather jackets, statement booties and some simple accessories - all of which are kept very monochromatic in terms of colour palette. We also find her makeup pretty chic, like her sense of fashion, nothing too fussy about it. Her simplicity in fashion sense extends beyond and into her home decor as well, which is pretty cool.

Shall leave you with more of her pictures. If you love simple and stylish dressing, oozing with character, like we do, Moderosa is most definitely the right place to go to for some inspirations. All visuals via her blog here.

Hope you have enjoyed the visual ride. See you all lovelies again soon *_^

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  1. She has a really chic minimalist sense of style and from that pic of her home, it also reflects that same sensibility. l don't really follow any personal style blogs so thanks for keeping me in the loop on what's up.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Yes Rowena, I know you don't really follow fashion bloggers, glad my post helps keep you in the loop once in a while *_^ I don't usually follow that many either, but some handful of good ones, I do pop by to check them out occasionally.

      Nice to see you again here!

  2. yess! You know I adore this post!! I love her too, some how her pics give calm, I don to how to explain is inspiring and calming. xx

    1. Yes, Arely, funny enough that you brought it up here, about her pics being calm and all, I guess perhaps that is one of the reasons why I like her too... never really came to me till you mention it. Guess our feelings for her is mutual then *_^

      Thanks for dropping by. Glad you love the post.

      Big hugs,


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