Sunday, February 8, 2015

NARS Eye-Opening Act

We are not surprised that NARS has chosen the talented Tilda Swinton to front the brand's Spring 2015 campaign. She professes that finesse of strong character, coupled with a rare talent in acting. In fact, we could still remember very vividly the very first time we saw Tilda was way back in our uni time, in an unforgettable film screened during the film festival, it was called Orlando (1992), a film based on the novel by Virginia Woolf, Orlando: A Biography. We were at awe not only by her performance, but was also captivated by her intriguing beauty in the most unique way. Of course, the film was magnificently shot and it was quite a visual feast. It made a lasting impression on our young mind (back then *_^), so have Ms. Tilda!

We were equally surprised to receive a package from NARS Malaysia recently, their limited-edition range called The Eye-Opening Act, one that promises to deliver a range of varied dimensions for the eyes. We received a 6-colour Inoubliable Coup D'Oeil Eyeshadow Palette (quite a mouthful, huh? Yes, French. Loosely translated as "Unforgettable Glance", according to google translate *_^), two Velvet Shadow Sticks and the Illuminating Multiple (yay!).

There are two different eyeshadow palettes in this range, cool and warm shades. The other palette is called Yeux Irresistible (irresistible eyes). The new Matte Velvet Shadow sticks looks pretty dramatic, in term of the shades. 5 long-wearing shades all together (black, brown, grey, blue and purple), they come in a sleek proper/retractable casing, supposedly intensify any eye-look, giving you that potently matte pigments and dramatic finishing. We have not tried our two shades - Reykjavik Velvet Shadow Stick (grey) and Glénan Velvet Shadow Stick (blue) just yet. Will have to discover more later.

What got our interest piqued down to the bone was most definitely that iconic multiple glow stick that NARS is absolutely famous for. This new light-reflecting formula (St. Lucia Sheer Rose) brings light to shadow for eyes, lips and cheeks. Doesn't it sound dreamy already? We could not wait but to try it out just few days ago, and my, the texture does feel really smooth and that sheer brilliance that it says it will do, it absolutely does for us. It is really subtle yet vaguely noticeable, just the right amount needed to catch some light. It feels lightweight on the skin too. Perfect for our combination skin *_^

Get the load up on the latest from NARS Cosmetics here. Visual 1 and 2 courtesy of NARS Malaysia. Visuals of Yeux Irrisistible here and All five shades of Velvet Shadow Sticks here.

The Eyeshadow Palette retails at RM190 (1g x 6) per palette, the Velvet Shadow Stick at RM98 (1.6g) each and the Illuminating Multiple at RM145 (14g). It is available at NARS boutique in Pavilion KL from January onwards.

So, last but not least, a word of reminder from the man himself, "Don't be too serious, it's only makeup", says François Nars. So, let's  have some fun, shall we? Hope you are enjoying your weekend and having fun *_^

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  1. Oh this looks great, I love when you have multiple colors in one place. I will have to check this out, I use the Naked 6 color compact and I love it. I think I have my comments set to close after a week because of spam. That is probably why you couldn't leave a comment.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Hi Allie,

      Naked 6 is a popular one too *_^ I have yet to try the brand. Oh I see, no wonder. Guess will have to catch up with you on your blog more often then!

      Nice to hear from you, my friend.



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