Sunday, February 22, 2015

[Instagram] Lumi's Feature 4: Gustav Brostrom

One of our favorite Instagram feeds comes from this fashion blogger from Stockholm, Sweden. We find his styling of objects and things he fancies really interesting - kind of what we presume, most people would call it, organized chaos? But we would rather call it a sense of chaotic beauty *_^ We do mean it in a really good way though (honestly!)

Gustav Brostrom is a Swedish fashion assistant for Elle Magazine and we find his art of arrangement rather meticulous (like most Instagrammers), yet, there is a certain degree of beauty in them. Especially loving his cool blue-ish tone to some of his pictures! We have been enjoying his feed for a while now, and we hope to share the joy with you.

We feel there are so much talent on IG, same goes to VSCO. It is quite an art to tell a visual story within this square box that is being presented to us. So much effort has been put into preparing that one shot, we feel, that most Instagrammers must have gone through quite some planning, or at least, mentally in the brain, in order to conjure up the final result of a nicely composed shot *_^

Instagram never ceases to amaze us! That is what we love about it, everyday, one gets to explore new things, or new ways of presenting your self, visually. A picture do say a thousand words, at times. All pictures via his IG feed here.

If you are curious about who we featured as our IG favourites previously, you can go here for more.

Till our next IG love, be luminously beautiful, always *_^

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  1. Awesome photos and great blog I really like it! :)

  2. Wow! I really love this! great inspiration, IG is one of my fave social media, thanks for sharing this my dear! xx


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