Thursday, February 26, 2015

M.A.C Spring/Summer 2015 Makeup Trend: ENLIGHTENED

Always setting makeup trends and leading the way in beauty on runways and backstage shows across New York, London, Milan and Paris, M.A.C yet again presents us with another magnificent line-up of Spring/Summer 2015 makeup trends, used during these four major fashion shows worldwide. First up, we would love to share with you this trend from the four main ones, entitled ENLIGHTENED. We love the look and sound of it already! So, let's dive in, shall we?

This beauty direction bathes the skin in light and connects it to brightness. Replacing the carved shadows and conscious contours of seasons past, this new skin treatment plugs into a purity that "offers a more spiritually optimistic vision of how we'll all look in the future, rather than a sci-fi view of it. We'll be gorgeous and gleaming." predicts Lucia Pieroni.

Basically it is a trend that highlights the FACE. Skin looks luminous and clear. Cream colour base is used for highlighting, focusing on the orbital bone and C sector (above eyebrow). It is a look of creamy and high shine. Below are the products used to get the look for this season. We even had the pleasure of working with a M.A.C makeup artist recently to recreate this look on us! (Exciting indeed). So, stay tuned for more updates on that coming your way real soon *_^

Makeup items: 1 | 2 (candy yum yum) | 3 (pink plaid) | 4 | 5 | 6 (slightly tauped) | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

Alex Box lyrically described it as "the clean, calm, spiritual light you get above the clouds...serene and hopeful." ... although executing such radiance is rather less pure and simple: layering myriad weights of reflection - shine texture, cream and powdered pearl, gloss (eye gloss in lightly tauped deserves to be highlighted as a must-have for the season) and veils of pale, matte shades - requires real technique prowess.

Highlights can also be used on the lashes too, for instance white lashes to lend that light onto the face, and making it the focal point. A marriage of super glossy eyes with a matte texture lipstick is the go-to look.

"Creating light in the complexion starts with selecting the appropriate tone to brighten its undertones. This could be anything from pure white through to a deep gold or pewter." Explains Terry Barber. "The important thing is that the result is a porcelain rather than a tanned glow."

The effortless, immediate way to channel the trend is a glossy lid. "There is little more beautiful than natural skin enriched with clear shine." says Barber. So, for the trend, we believe, think shine, think glossy, think light for the face and brightness.

All visuals (except visual 4, 5 and final two above) courtesy of M.A.C Malaysia. More on the brand here. What do you think of this Enlightened trend? Tickle your interest? Do let us know your thoughts *_^

Come back again as we shall share with you the other three makeup trends soon. Till then, stay luminously beautiful and happy always, lovelies.

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  1. Hi lovely, I love this new fresh look, my fave pictures is the one your are putting some lipstick on!! Pretty Pretty! .xx

    1. Yes dearie. Love this trend look myself. Thanks for dropping by, Arely *_^


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