Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lunasol 2015 Spring Makeup Elegant Purification

Taking inspiration from the gracefulness and fluidity of a ballerina, Kanebo’s LUNASOL 2015 Spring Summer collection promises a varied of colour makeup that delivers crystal-clear tones and delicate textures, imparting a sense of graceful air to the wearer. Immerse yourself in the world of elegance purification with the latest offering from Lunasol. 

Lunasol Stain Colour Lips (RM111)
Most prominent of all is the 7 new Lunasol Stain Colour Lip colours. The vivid colours give the lips its stain, yet maintaining its natural texture. The soft matte textures leave the lips vibrant yet natural. The final look - an elegant prima ballerina.

Lunasol Tender Clear Eyes (RM185)
A four-colour eyeshadow colour palette, it is inspired by the ballerina’s dignified posture. A moist soft texture, simply adheres to the eyelids, it creates a translucent depth, with some sparkles on the eyes, drawing one’s attention to the window to the soul feature on the face. It comes in 3 variations of colour tones along the line of spring hues.

Lunasol Tender Shine Eyes (RM95)
Five limited-edition colours of single eyeshadows, paint your eyelids with soft sparkles for a spring-filled, airy look. We love the subtle pastel and earthy combination colours that works well alone, or perhaps combined to create a much more dramatic eye looks, as desired.

Lunasol Noble Shade Liner (RM90)
Two new limited-edition colours in Deep Navy and Deep Purple complete and enhance an eyelook that will not fall short of delivering a certain degree of sophistication. With an ultra-thin brush and a formula that dries quickly, this will definitely gives any eye its depth and definition. 

Lunasol Lip Shadow Liner N (RM50) *the holder sold separately
Features two shades, pink and coral tone, this cartridge-type lip liner imparts vivid colours to the lip that leaves a lasting impression and make spring time lips look even more alluring.

Lunasol Tender Clear Cheeks (RM130)
Comes in three limited-edition colours, the blush creates a translucent look that is fresh. Sheer pink, orange and peach are the shades that will make this season’s look a memorable one.

Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss a (RM93)
This season’s Lunasol lip gloss comes in three limited-edition colours - white, pink or orange, their moist texture leave the lips looking plump and juicy.

More about the Lunasol brand here.

We look forward to discovering more of this collection once it is launched in March 2015. If we are lucky, we may even get a chance to check out a makeover session and meet with the Japanese makeup artiste coming into town real soon! Till then, enjoy your festive holiday and stay luminous, always, lovelies *_^

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  1. Hi there, I love the colors mmm, beautiful for the coming spring!! this is the first time I hear about this brand, I am very interested in trying it, i will look for it here in Europe. xx

  2. hey hey dearie. It's a pretty interesting brand, all the best in your discovery with Lunasol. Their colour palette may not be as blog and strong as other western brand, but their emphasis on light and luminosity do give the wearer a certain sense of quiet beauty *_^


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