Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Nude Look With NARS Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Love is definitely in the air now as we are approaching this year's Valentine's Day. We can't help but notice that, of recent, nude look has become something of a current thing in makeup. We are inspired by it and decided to create a Valentine's Day look, with the help of NARS Malaysia here.

The result, it was a look that does not go out of its way to draw any special attention, but subtle enough that we feel comfortable to be in, for that special day.

We met up with our NARS makeup artist for the day, Justine Yap at the NARS boutique at Pavilion KL. He will be the one creating our Valentine's Day look, using the latest Spring/Summer 2015 collection (here for more). Let's get on with the makeup, shall we?

First and foremost, Justine said, any good makeup look starts with a good and properly prepped canvas, which is the face. Justine did a quick cleansing with NARS Makeup Removing Water to clear away the residue of pollution we came with, then applied Multi-action Hydrating Toner, followed by Optimal Brightening Concentrate, a radiant-boosting serum which Justine explained, has anti-aging properties and helps to clarify and even out our skin tone. (anything that has the sound of anti-aging makes us really happy *_^). Next, a few dabs of Total Replenishing Eye Cream for our eyes and last but not least, the application of Luminous Moisture Cream. All these will hydrate our skin well enough for our next step - base makeup.

The makeup now has begun. First, prepped our face with NARS Multi-Protect Primer (with SPF30/PA+++). Justine suggested that we should give NARS latest All-Day Luminous Weightless Foundation a try. Well, most definitely since we heard quite some great reviews about it online prior to this already. We were more than happy to try it ourselves. Comes in 20 shades, this foundation is a full natural coverage yet weightless long-wear 16-hour formula, manageable just by one drop. Well, as what Justine pumped out, it was quite just a drop, and he worked the foundation onto our face, section by section and managed to cover our whole face with just one small pump. It felt pretty light on the face. A dust of NARS Velvet Loose Powder to seal in the foundation and put it in place.

Next, Justine used the limited edition St-Paul-De-Vence Eyeshadow Duo from NARS latest Spring Summer 2015 collection, with quick and easy strokes, applied our eye makeup and it was done within a short time. It was a wash of pretty neutral shades, of earthy tones. Eyebrows were groomed and done the next. Eyelashes were curled, and two types of mascara were applied - Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara and Larger Than Life Volumising Mascara. To complete the look, Justine applied the new shade of blush called Reckless Blush, added a dash of the iconic Multiple Orgasm, on the high planes of our faceapplied the new limited-edition of Liguria Sheer Lipstick and finally, a dab of the same orgasm onto the centre of our lips, to add an ever-so-slightly dose of pink.

Voila! The whole look was completed. It looked pretty nude to us, which we love.

This latest Spring Summer 2015 Collection from NARS appears to be quite an easy feat to accomplish. Of course, we were in good hands - an experienced makeup artist like Justine. We were glad that we popped by to the NARS boutique to get our Valentine's makeup look done *_^

We hope that you will like the look and perhaps you can hop over to NARS boutique at Pavilion KL and check the collection out, which is in store now. In fact, there were quite some interested customers eyeing on the collection already! More about the brand here.

Thanks Justine for the lovely Valentine's Day makeup and big hugs to NARS Malaysia for making our day leading up to the actual celebration extra special already! Also a huge huge thanks to our photographer for the day, Ricky Liew for taking all the awesome pictures featured here.

For photography engagement and enquiries, Ricky can be contacted at

Have a luminously beautiful rest of the week, lovelies *_^

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  1. You look great, Jeann! Love how you've styled your outfit!

  2. Hi Agnes,

    Yeah? Thanks thanks. Just a simple do. Nice to see you here!


  3. I've heard so many nice things about Nars! So far I've only used their Orgasm blush (I'm on my second one because it's soo good)!
    I like this kind of make up sessions because you pick up some tips! Reading about how many products the makeup artist used just to prep your skin amazed me! It's no wonder that my foundation didn't apply well lately (I didn't prep the skin much, plus the weather in Boston really dried it out)!

    1. Hi Anna,

      Believe it or not, I have yet to try NARS infamous orgasm blush *_^ Perhaps that day will come, which I must!

      Sounds quite a lot but I believe it helps to keep the makeup in place better... yeah, dry weather does not help, but our humid weather here does no wonder either as we swear quite a far bit and makeup tends to melt off my combination skin too *_^

      I guess makeup is all about trial and error and see what works best for us, individually, lots of factor come into play. Yes, this sort of session do help to give me a better idea!

      Nice to see you here and thanks for dropping by, Anna.



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