Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We LOVE Desserts! Period.

Yes, we love dessert, but we are also very aware of its drawbacks (fingers counting those calories already). So, how to satisfy such cravings? At times, we will just admire from afar, through dividing glass refrigerator, through drop down windows, anything but really eating them *_^

Small little note, even though we do really love desserts, but we don't fancy macaroons as they are way too sweet! They look lovely though, right??! There we go again! All right, these are two of our favourite brands for desserts: Komugi here and Tous les Jours here

Here are some of our favourite hunts. 眼看手不动! (See, no touch, please!). Hope you are having a sweet sweet week ahead! Pictures taken at Tous les Jours Bangsar.

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  1. Yes to desserts. I try not to eat them that often but they sure are a marvel to behold ^_^ We have Tous les Jours in NYC too but I tend to frequent Paris Baguette more cause they carry a savory donut that I'm slightly obsessed with ;) Asian bakeries are the best!

    Have a marvelous week Jenn!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Really, Rowena? Paris Baguette? We don't have it here yet... Must show me a picture of your favourite donuts *_^ Am sure it's soft and tasty! Gosh, just writing about desserts makes me all hungry already, ahaha!

      You have magical week too, my dear!


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