Monday, April 21, 2014

The Answer To Ultimate Sun Protection With Lancôme UV EXPERT!

I have to confess, I am personally not a great fan of BB cream. Now, there you have it. Why? I have had make-up artist friends advised me previously BB cream may not be for everyone. Second of all, after much testing with samples given to me, I always find BB cream a tag too heavy in terms of texture for my combination skin to handle. They felt sticky, thick and leave a mask-y kind of feeling on my face, as if, I had put on quite a few layers of foundation! (which I personally do not favour *_^).

When I received a special package from this luxury French brand, Lancome, it was a tube of Lancome's latest sun protection product, the word BB stared right back at me. I was thinking, oh gosh, hhmmm... should I give BB another chance? But then again, it is not exactly a BB cream, is it? It's also a sun block that works hard to shield my skin while even out my skin tone, no? So, I braved myself this time to just give it a go. No harm since it says SPF50 PA+++ (which is pretty high and good protection for someone like me, who would need it once I go outdoor, on shoots, especially!).

For the first time, Lancome's UV EXPERT XL-Shield protects skin against XL long UVA rays too! (which are known to be more harmful to the skin).  This XL UVA penetrates more deeply than short UVA and UVB rays and affects our skin in three areas in the long run - colour (they cause melanin to turn grey, eventually sun-induced age spots appear), functional (they  lead to cell dysfunction, defense become weaker and our skin dries out) and finally structural (they impair the quality of our skin, elasticity declines, wrinkles form and redness appear). Yucks! All these I took it very lightly while I was in my university days (way younger then *_^), playing tennis and training under the scorching hot afternoon sun on the tennis courts, for my tournaments and practices, without a trace of sunblock on my face or body! Can you believe that? Now, as age is catching up, I do have sun/dark spots on my face. I guess it's not too late to rectify the problem, right?

Fresh and young actress, Lily Collins is the new face of Lancome, marvelously embodies the new UV Expert XL-Shield under the lense of Solve Sundsbo. The texture is smooth and ultra light-weight, which I love! 

It is stated that the new XL-Shield technology is an extension to the benefit of DreamTone (with a dream complexion and protect the skin tone), it also has an anti-greyness and anti-dullness action to protect and create a wonderful nude effect. A powerful shield designed to stimulate the creation of a beautiful skin tone in many circumstance, flawless and notably uniform. All right, this I really do have to agree. Upon application, it actually evens out my skin tone very nicely, and the best part is, it does not feel heavy at all in terms of texture. It spreads out very easily and has an extremely airy light texture feel to it. Amazing! This must be correct then when it says "the expert formula associates an optimal alliance of ever advancing protection and a very pleasant texture, as light as one rose of petal. Skin stays shielded and radiant,  this sensational extract brings out a nude rosy skin all day long".

Lancome UV Expert Range to suit your different needs

This product do change my perspective towards sunblock and BB cream, knowing that now I have something great that I can always go to, especially for those days like weekends that you don't feel like wanting to pile on any foundation but you would still want that certain degree of coverage (and even out your skin tone so that you don't look patchy) as well as having the best sun protection that you can get. Lancome UV EXPERT XL-Shield is most definitely my choice as my skin looks more radiant, uniform, less dull and visibly healthier, yet in a natural way. For more of this lovely product, click here.

If you have been looking for a sunblock that is multi-functional that has anti-ageing properties and wants a comfortable feel and finishing, perhaps you should really look into this *_^ Stay out of the sun and keep luminous, always! Have a fabulous week ahead.

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