Monday, March 31, 2014

Inspiration | Time For Coffee and Photography

Good morning!

We truly believe that what makes all things beautiful in life, is actually, honestly, really, from the eyes (and lenses) of great photography. Of course, these days, also with the help of photo-touching/filter mobile apps that make it even easier! The possibilities are endless. In a way, it does make "good" photography seem easily achievable, even if one has not much skill in "real" photography, so to speak. 

Here at LUMINNEJ, we love all things beautiful, no matter how you achieve that end result. At least, it shows that you are even bothered to make the pictures look presentable, in the first place. Of course, real photography is an art form that beats no others, if done absolutely well and we have such great admiration for such talents. Hence, we would love to share with you, today, just a few (among many others we admire) photography/travel/lifestyle/food blogs that we always love to visit (and be inspired by their talents and work). We also chose one of our favourite subjects to be featured - COFFEE. (yay!)

Le Voyage Creatif is a food, photography and travel blog of Marie. She says, "This personal blog is a journey through my creative world, where I document beautiful things I discover on my way and where I share some of my work". Indeed, all photographers are, in some ways, visual storytellers and discoverers, as well as wanderers in this world, searching for that little beauty, in all things that they are passionate about. We love her photography work on food, travel and life at large. Amazing blog to chew on *_^ Come dwell into Marie's world here for more splendour. You will definitely be delighted. See how beautiful her cappuccino is? (above) Simply gorgeous! Here for the blog post.

Another one of our equally all time favourite photography blog would have to be Lingered Upon by Alice Gao (above). She has such amazing talent in capturing beauty that we are so in awe with (and secretly wish we had a fraction of her talent!). We love her quiet simplicity towards capturing things around her (usually it would somehow involve food, among other things) and always make them look absolutely, fabulously beautiful. Go over here to discover more of her wonders in photography. You will most definitely fall in love with what you will be seeing!

Our next inspiration comes from Aran at Cannelle Et Vanille. She is most truly a food lover (a healthy one too - gluten-free!). We truly work up such great appetite whenever we visit her blog which is filled with wonderful photography of food and recipes. Capturing food at its best, most certainly. She says her blog is her "blank canvas for creating anything and everything sweet" that comes out of her heart. Isn't that lovely? Here are her pictures of coffee via her instagram. Do head over to her blog for more beautiful delicious food pictures here

Hope you all are having a great weekend and love to see you all here, again soon! Before we leave, here are two instagram pictures of LUMI's Coffee. Have a cuppa and enjoy the new week ahead, lovelies. Stay luminous and happy, always. JUST ENJOY *_^

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