Saturday, March 8, 2014

[FACES] Conversations With Mr. Yasuhiro Nakamizu from RMK Japan

We have been wanting to share this conversation of ours for the longest time (actually since we last met him at the recent RMK Play On Pink Press Launch) but we have been so tied down with some other work that we never really gotten around doing it. Now, finally, on this beautiful (but hot) Saturday afternoon, our time is devoted, to making this blog post a reality (FINALLY!)

It was seriously fun attending the press launch (blog post here), where Mr. Yasuhiro Nakamizu, RMK's make-up artist, came all the way from Japan, showed us personally how to create stunningly beautiful looks on two very different models, but LUMINNEJ was also priviledged enough to be given time to have a chat with him, face to face, for our FACES segment (Thanks Ching-An for the kind arrangement *_^)

The soft-spoken and unassuming talented make-up maestro has quite some interesting bits to share with us. Here are some of the highlights of our conversations previously, tucked away in a delightful room, talking about make-up and fashion.

How different is KOARI as the RMK New Creative Director in comparison with RUMIKO previously?
Well, Koari's approach is very much younger, in that sense, she creates more colour tones catering for younger generation, one can look at it in a way that is more positive, vibrant and adventurous. Both ladies are quite different as they each come from varied backgrounds, Rumiko is more skewed towards the beauty industry where else Koari is very much influenced by the fashion industry. For Koari, it's a matter of mix and match, the synergy between fashion and make-up.

When did join RMK Japan?
I joined RMK Japan in 1999, learning my way along, and somewhere around 2001/2002, I was appointed as one of RMK's make-up artists. The reason why I chose to join RMK was the fact that I love the way Rumiko advocates how make-up should be, under the RMK brand, simply, the whole brand philosophy. As they say, the rest is history. I have been enjoying doing what I do since then, till today.

What sort of make-up style do you personally like?
I love the 1960s type of make-up, the twiggy false-eye-lashes sort of make-up look, cute and striking. One of my earlier influences in make-up was by the famous make-up artist, Stephane Marais, very daring and highly inventive in his make-up approach. I used to love that sort of make-up. But as time goes by, I sort of geared more towards natural way of doing make-up, especially after joining RMK.

What does make-up mean to you?
Just simply, to make someone beautiful and happy (he says with a grin)

We noticed the latest Play On Pink lip make-up look has that two-toned and very glossy approach, is this inspired by the geisha look?
Not exactly, the new W Crayon and Gloss Lips which combines the matte of the lip crayon with the semi-transparent of the gloss is to actually tone down the pink a little, to create that translucent effect on the lips, in doing so, it suits almost everyone who finds wearing pink alone a tad too strong.

We went on to chit chat more a little about make-up and other things, and soon, it was time to wrap things up as other media friends were waiting in line.

We had an awesome time talking to Mr. Yasuhiro and we look forward to seeing him again, in the future! If you want to know more about the latest Play On Pink Collection, check out our previous blog post here.

Till our next FACES personality chat, have a luminously fabulous weekend ahead *_^

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