Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Date With Yu Heng, Freshel's Brand Ambassador

Japanese skincare brand, Freshel unveiled their new brand Ambassador recently. A skincare brand that emphasizes on easy, efficient and eco-friendly approach to skincare regime, Freshel introduces all-in-one products that not only save time, but effective all together, definitely suitable for busy career women of today. This especially come in handy when one travels on trips, be it for leisure or business!

Yu Heng, brand ambassador of Freshel, with Mr. Masahiro Yamasaki, CEO of Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia and Ms. Caryn Loh, the general manager of Watson Malaysia

A creative and artistic singer-songwriter, Yu Heng has been a loyal user of Freshel, so, becoming the brand ambassador seems like a natural progression. Juggling between marriage and her songwriting career, Freshel All-in-One Gel is one of her favourite products from the brand. Its exclusive five-in-one concept (Beauty essence, lotion, emulsion, cream and moisturizing makeup base) from this time-saving skincare range is too irresistible to be missed out. It comes in three formulas - whitening, hydrating and extra-hydrating. All products are to be used after cleansing. 

What is even more awesome is that refill-packs are eco-friendly and money-saving, making continuous usage of the products a breeze. They are available at a cheaper price but with the same volume and efficiency, how cool is that?

One good perks of being a brand ambassador, revealed Yu Heng is that, she gets to try the brand's latest and upcoming products way before they hit the market. For instance, she is already falling in love with the new Freshel CC Cream (as the name suggests, it has Colour Corresting properties and it improves and brightens up the skin tone, in line with Freshel's philosophy of multi-functional products), which will only be launched in May this year.

Freshel products can be found at Watson's outlets now. Have a try and see what you think of the products! All pictures provided by team Kanebo (Freshel). To get to know more about the brand, do visit their website here.

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  1. I've not heard of Freshel but I am familiar with Kanebo. This range sounds lovely and it's great that more brands are taking an eco friendly approach to their products. I wish that Asian skincare was more accessible in the US. It's gotten alot better with ebing able to but through the web.

    Have a fantastic week Jenn!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Neither have I before this, Rowena:))

    Kanebo is well known though, but it's good that brands like Kanebo and Shiseido are now coming out with more affordable-consumer-budget-friendly skincare ranges that cater to different needs of today's women. Have not actually tried the range yet myself.

    Have a fabulous week yourself too! Take good care.



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