Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[Inspiration] Editorial Julia Frauche by Camilla Akrans For Foster Magazine

I run my fingers through the soft petals of the flowers in the sun, I run towards the wind that promises to carry your words of love, I run towards the warmth of the sun that blinded my loneliness, but most of all, I run towards an imaginary you, for I have been waiting, waiting for your arrival. 

My love is as transparent as the lace that drapes my skin, my feeling is as naked as the words themselves, presented here, in an awkwardly sensual manner, for I do not know, how else to define that feeling, that feeling which overwhelms me, knowing that the time will come, for us to meet, once more,  in the wake of the morning, or perhaps the fall of the evening? 
{words & thoughts of an imaginary mind}
Images from A Stairway To Heaven (here)
Model | Julia Frauche
Photographer | Camilla Arkans
Fashion Editor | Sissy Vian
Editorial pictures re-edited by LUMI

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