Monday, March 17, 2014

[Home Made] Some Of My Favourite Food

I am not a great cook, but I do love to once in a while, assemble ingredients together or on some days, just like to keep it simple when it comes to "cooking". Home-cooked meals (or home-made in this sense) seems to be the best, at times, as I am more in control of what goes into me and my family's tummies (if I have the time). 

I love salads and I try to make them light, without the heavy mayo dressing and what not, just drizzle them with orange juice or lemon juice with maple syrup and olive oil. I don't really go by the book or rules, love to make up my own concoction as I go along, depending on my mood for the day (and basically what's available in my fridge, haha *_^).  So, it can be a green salad with fruits like papaya and banana like this one here (but later realized banana and green combo, can be an acquired taste, papaya works fine).

Other days, I love to blend one of my favourite ingredients, cherry tomatoes with pineapple juice and blueberries. Weird combo? Nah! It taste wonderfully delicious (to me at least). You can try it yourself *_^ I absolutely love avocado, I adore their creamy texture and how yummilious they become when pair them with sandwiches and what not. It's simple but comfort home-made food. Pumpkin soup is also in my list of favourite dishes to make at home. 

As "laid back" as I am when it comes to cooking, I love to slow-cook desserts because it's easy! Put all ingredients together and boil overnight. My boys love it when I make barley ginkgo with winter melon slices, fuchok (Chinese dried bean sheets) and beaten eggs. Sweet potatoes dessert is also one of my favourites to make.

I wonder what's your favourite dishes or meals or desserts?

Till then, have a wonderful week ahead and happy Monday! Stay healthy and luminous, always *_^
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  1. What a yummy post Jenn! I love salads as well all year round. My favorite dressing lately is a dijon vinaigrette but I always fall back to balsamic as well since it's good with so many things.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Thanks Rowena! My hubby loves balsamic, am not that great with sourish stuff but a little is fine:)) Dijon vinaigrette sounds nice. Maybe will try it out. So, just add dijon to the salad?


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