Monday, March 17, 2014

A Simple Yet Soulful ZECK by Jason Zeck Lee Collection

Jointly hosted by Jason Zeck Lee and Elegantology, this very first collection show of Malaysian fashion designer Jason Lee was like a breath of fresh air. It was simple, no fuss, and almost strip away the busyness of things that would distract you as the wearer of the pieces. You can almost feel like you can easily slip into (and out for that matter *_^) them, effortlessly, string together by the vibrant pop of colour blocks, yet underlined with the basic black colour, this collection feels very soulful. It very much reflects the fashion designer himself, we feel. 

Coming from working passionately in SOULwork for the past 17 years, Jason believes in serving humanity for the betterment of mankind. Therefore, it does reflect in his care for the collection as well. We love the small little details that Jason put into putting together the show, making it extra special. At the reception, each guests were given to pick their own "card" and they are filled with uplifting words of wisdom. We love his philosophy towards life and creative work! 

Someone who treats fashion as a communication tool to create a completion between one's soul to the SELF, Jason's designs centre around SOULwork which connects soul to the Universe. The colour BLACK was given a strong attitude. According to Jason, B.L.A.C.K collection is a word that represents these values:

B for BRAVERY, full of courage to move forward
L for LOVE, able to accept all possibilities and differences
A for ABUNDANCE, willingness to share and care without scarcity
C for COMPASSION, feel the empathy for others
K for KINDNESS, being nice and tender to SELF

Seemingly quiet details like braids handwork scarfs and chinese motifs were work into the collection, very seamlessly, creating a final result that is unassuming, yet very much Jason's signature. In fact, before venturing into fashion, Jason also designed his own pieces of jewelry like rings, seen here. One of a kind pieces that will capture your attention if you like something exclusive.

Check out ZECK by Jason Zeck Lee's collection here. Better still, head over to Elegantology at Publika for a closer look (here for more).

It was a great evening, met up with some old model friends whom we have not met for some time, while enjoying the runway show, as well as delighting ourselves with the the cocktails and delectable canapes. Thanks Andrew for the invite *_^

Elegantology is like a treasure trove, much to discover, more to see if you are there, personally. Here are some of our small discoveries for the night. Hey guys, take note.

Congrats to Jason for his first menswear collection debut, we wish him all the best. We can see that he is very much loved, by all his peers and industry friends who came and supported him. Cheers to a good year to ZECK by Jason Zeck Lee (and many more to come!)

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