Sunday, March 23, 2014

[Star Gazing] The Natural Beauty Of Rachel McAdams

Our most vivid memory of this beautiful soul whose acting come so naturally and effortlessly for her was her memorable performance in The Notebook (2004) playing Allie, opposite the enigmatic Ryan Gosling (the affectionate Noah). It is that sort of a love story that lingers on after you have long watched it, for a long long time, that sort of story that hits right into your core and soul, and impacts you and the way you look at love and life. The deep and fulfilling love that lasts a lifetime, one that most of us yearn for, that is the beauty of such a story. Such great awesome chemistry the both of them have in the movie! You can't help but to fall in love with this on screen couple *_^

Yes, Rachel McAdams brought this role to life, playing it ever so subtly and convincingly, transitioning from a rich carefree young college girl falling head over heals with a poor young boy over a summer holiday, to a sophisticated (yet at times, confused) woman and eventually an old lady who has trouble remembering her past, let alone her only LOVE of her life. It is an enduring love story, adapted from the book by Nicholas Sparks, one that will move anyone, we are pretty certain of it.

We love her sense of beauty and style, her acting capabilities and all that are good qualities of her as a celebrity. Of course, Rachel moved onto more interesting roles but none come close to this Allie role that she has played in The Notebook. Here are some of our favourite looks of this Hollywood actress. 

Here's a short movie clip from the love story, happy viewing *_^
Have a beautiful Sunday! 

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