Saturday, May 30, 2015

[Inspiration | Musing] The Voices Of Soft Spring Colours

soft turquoise space lumi dreamy white

Would colours have their names and scents? Would they call you from the corners of your mind and lull you into a world of the unknown, we always wonder? A world where you thought only the silly crazy ones could imagine, only the dreamers could decipher, the code of voices of the colours of spring? Yes, the voices of spring colours are in fact here, it has arrived, in such a beautiful manner that it graces the space of our imagination, they hum a tune of soft melody that one could only feel relaxed, contented and blissfully happy.

lumi deep sea blue
white flowers

The voices echo the traces of clean aesthetics, they mimic the call of the wind, in the morning, they imitate the splashes of waves from the deep ocean, in the midst of the afternoon, or perhaps they present themselves in between the spill of sunlight into spaces of residence, a place we called home, our own world of cacoon, of safe haven and sanctuary.

lumi pastel pink
deep blue sofa thedesignchaser
lumi soft turquoise

More often than not, it is these voices of nature, of a certain object, a sense of emotion, that warm our hearts, drain our fatigue of loneliness, or sense of not knowing what is coming, what is awaiting us, on our journey of fulfilling our hopes and dreams in life.

Life is but a wonderful discovery... we have heard, the voices of soft muted spring colours, calling out to us. Do you hear them? Grab a hold of them swiftly, for they may just come and go, ever so quickly, just within the blink of an eye for summer is just around the corner, waiting to announce its entrance, sooner than we may think. All visuals via LUMI's pinterest.

Be luminous, be happy and be kind, lovelies *_^

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  1. Beautiful pictures! an other extraordinary post!! so inspiring! have a lovely Sunday.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. my dearie, you have no idea how happy this makes me feel, the fact that we share the same love and passion for beauty in life. Super lovely of you with such kind words and I am happy that you are as inspired as me.

      Have a great week ahead too, my dear friend, Arely!

      Big hugs,


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