Thursday, May 28, 2015

[Review] Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation - The Lightness Of Air

Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation MAIN dior nude air serum foundation01

As light as the pureness of air, Dior's latest Diorskin Nude Air range made its presence quietly some time back,  leaving our heart skipped a beat in delight. Today, we shall share with you a little of our experience with one of the items from this range (which is a precursor to the brand's Nude range, which was previously introduced) - the Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation.

A nude healthy glow ultra-fluid serum foundation, this is an innovation derived from Dior's cutting-edge research and expertise, the new Oxygen Activ technology, incorporating skincare benefits of a combination of hyper-oxygenated oil, Cranberry oil, vitamins and minerals, blend together to give us something that is as light as the air that we breathe. Used over time, the skin is revitalized and become more luminously beautiful. 

dior nude air serum foundation closer02

Like any Dior products, it comes in a solid pretty deep blue rectangular box. The serum foundation is housed in a solid glass bottle, exquisitely designed with the name Diorskin embossed at the rim of the cap. A precise streamlined dropper dispenses the right amount of this fine fluid.

Even though it is a "serum" foundation, the texture is exceptionally light and watery that you could hardly believe it has the serum component in this foundation. Since it is made with oil that evaporates instantly, it gets absorbed into the skin really fast (no joke!), so it is best to work on your face section by section.

dior nude air fondation looks

The talc-free Diorskin Nude Air formula deposits an undetectable film of makeup on the skin. It does really smooth on well and hugs the skin in a way that we feel we are not wearing any makeup at all. Another plus point is that the formula is enriched with soft-focus agents and glazed pigments, therefore produces an even, radiant complexion, finishes to a sheer matte finish, almost to the point that one may not need powder to set it if one desires. We have combination skin, so the velvety matte finishing and a hint of healthy glow is a dreamy final result that we could not have asked for more. If one has better complexion (than us), one could look like the models featured here (just to give you an idea).

dior nude air serum foundation closer01

Another thing we did notice is that at the end of the day's wear, it does not feel heavy or weighed down that we tend to want to take off our makeup (in this case foundation) right away, which some times happen to us. It is pretty amazing, feeling wise. It does not set into fine lines or look cakey on us, which is great. 

We believe the formula fits our combination skin just right. Perhaps for normal or dry skin type, this may be a little too matte or drying, so it would be a good idea to test it out at the counter first. The shade we have is 020 (Light Beige). Thanks Dior Malaysia for the love *_^ Oh, one more thing, it is scented though, with a hint of fragrance upon application, but will fade away after a while. If you are not fond of this, you may want to take note.

No qualms, loving the foundation so far. Diorskin Nude Air Nude Healthy Glow Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation comes with an SPF25, PA++ and is available in 6 shades (010, 020, 030, 040, 050 and 060). It is retailed at MYR191.00 for 30ml. It is now available at all Christian Dior boutiques in Malaysia. More about the product, range and the brand here. Have you had any experience trying this product? Do feel free to share with us. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Visuals of models via LUMI's pinterest here. A complimentary product was gifted for this review purposes. All thoughts are entirely our own.

Stay tuned as we shall review the next two products from the NudeAir range soon. Till our next discovery, have a luminous and happy weekend ahead, lovelies *_^

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  1. I did a beauty post not long ago & afterwards realised almost all of my products were Dior. They really are amazing for a flawless finish. I really want to try this serum foundation now. The bottle alone is probably enough to make me fork out money for it haha It’s so pretty!


    1. hey hey Shannon,

      Nice of you to have dropped by and say hi. Yes, I have just recently got connected to the brand and I am beginning to find some really interesting makeup and skincare items from Dior.

      Like you said, the bottle itself is enough to make us fall in love, what's more if the content suits oneself, right?

      Hope to see you again!


  2. Grr! I've been trying to avoid reading your review on this because I know I'll finally have to cave in and buy this. I've wanted it so much and all the reviews that I have read are brilliant. Okay, okay, this will be my next purchase! It's just too good to be ignored.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Ooopsss! Hope you will really love it when you get it and let us know what's your thoughts. Can't wait for your verdict *_^


Thanks so much for dropping by and say hi. Love to hear your thoughts and will read them all! See you again *_^

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