Thursday, May 14, 2015

Exuberantly Colourful Slim d' Hermēs Perspective Cavalière

The moment we laid eyes on the watches (from the press release that was), we were immediately captivated by the vibrant and colorful design that is such a signature of the luxury brand, Hermēs. Obviously inspired by the iconic designs of the silk scarves that this French brand is famously known for, their latest watch collection called Slim d' Hermēs Perspective Cavalière is no doubt quite a stunner. In fact, we were so inspired by it that we decided to put together a few mood boards to go with them *_^ We came across this sharp and edgy jewelry collection via Honestlywtf blog here, decided to find out more about the brand and naturally, some of their unique pieces ended up in our mood board eventually. Discover more about Eve Fehran Jewelry here.

This two-dimensional effect time pieces Perspective Cavalière (high viewpoint) premiered at Baselworld 2015 boast of exceptional craftsmanship and requires precision in terms of engraving on the dial to form small sections of varying depths in a gold plate before powdered coloured glass is poured into each section. Each colour demands different temperature to heat up to create such nuances and depths, some at above 800 degree celsius!

Mechanical self-winding, crafted in Switzerland, it has a 42-hour power reserve, water resistant up to 30 meter, this limited edition collection is only 2.6mm thin and comes in 4 colours - red, blue, yellow and white. Guess what? There are only 6 pieces for each colour! Each of these exceptional creations housed in a 750 white gold case and driven by an ultra-thin Manufacture Hermēs H1950 movement. We wanted to take a closer look at the real deal, so we recently dropped by at one of the Hermēs' boutiques here in KL but sadly, the collection was not available. Nonetheless, we were shown the piece of silk scarf that the collection was inspired by. Beautiful indeed. 

More about the brand here. Visuals courtesy of Hermēs, Eve Fehren website and LUMI pinterest.

Wishing you lovelies a wonderful rest of the week and be happy, always *_^

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