Friday, May 8, 2015

A Sweet Rendezvous With RMK Vintage Sweets And Masaaki Abe

Stepping into the vicinity of RMK counter that afternoon almost felt like we have wandered into a sweet wanderland filled with candy-like pastel colour confections, but not one that you would pop into your mouth, but a delightful array of makeup collection that would transform into a look of elegance sweetness that even a grown woman would dream of having. Yes, we are talking about Japanese brand, RMK's latest 2015 Spring/Summer offering aptly called Vintage Sweets.

And what could be more enticing than to be at a one-to-one indulge session having your makeup done personally by the professional RMK makeup artist, the charming Masaaki Abe (which we have met previously here), all the way from Japan?

RMK Vintage Candy Cheek 04 Mocha Brown used during the makeover by Masaaki Abe

While doing our makeup, Masaaki Abe explained that Vintage Sweets is a one of its kind, really special dreamy collection designed specially by RMK Creative Director, Miss Koari, having in mind the imagination of the yesteryear, a breezy afternoon tea spent with girl friends and sweet fragrances. It is an alluring play of dulcet colour, especially for grown ups, it evokes a past made new, a very contemporary approach to the vintage style. Therefore, he said, all colours are truly wonderful and transformative, understated yet ignite a sense of dreamy modernity to the wearer, very feminine yet refined.

The interpreter for the day, Mr. Cheong and Mr. Masaaki Abe

We have always enjoyed seeing Mr. Masaaki Abe worked as he is very detailed in his makeup application, with gentle strokes and explained through the session with us. It was quite an experience having makeup done by him *_^

RMK Sweet Sugar Eyes 03 Sugar Blue

RMK Vintage Sweets 2015 Spring/Summer Collection comprises
RMK Sweet Sugar Eyes (5 x limited edition), RMK Vintage Candy Cheeks (5 x limited edition), RMK Vintage Drop Gloss (4 x limited edition), RMK Vintage Sweets Face Color (2 x limited edition), RMK Nail Color EX (5 x limited edition), RMK Nail Art Liner (2 x limited edition), RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N (2 x limited edition), RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks N (2 x limited edition) and RMK W Color Mascara (5 x limited edition). More on the collection here. This Vintage Sweets collection is now available at all RMK counters.

We shall share our experience using some of the products from the sweet collection soon. So stay tuned. Discover more of the RMK brand here or more latest updates via their Facebook page here.

We hope you will have a lovely weekend ahead, lovelies *_^

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  1. All this colors make me so happy!! Beautiful products!
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. yes, they did the same to me too! haha

      pretty pretty colours *_^

  2. I first heard of this brand from Lisa Eldridge, she uses some of the products in her videos. I was soooo happy when I discovered RMK is sold in Mid Valley and then I saw the price. Uh huh...didn't pick up any because hubby gave me the evil side eye. Haha! I do find makeup in Malaysia are more expensive, wish it wasn't that way. :-/

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Really, Shireen? I guess so too, most products can be pricy here in Malaysia, that's why most people shop whenever they get a chance to go overseas *_^

  3. wow lovely pictureee...and your outfit so stylo!!

    1. haha, thanks thanks, you are too kind. So sweet of you, as sweet as the collection *_^

  4. The colors are so gorgeous ^.^
    Too bad most of the parties, events and workshops are held in KL :-(
    How I wish I stand a chance to attend too~


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