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M.A.C Trends: Free Party & No Makeup (Spring/Summer 2015)

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We believe in owning our own look, be it fashion or makeup in general, yet, informed enough to perhaps make it fun by incorporating the workability and accessibility of certain elements from trends from season to season to make it yours. Hence, we do get quite excited when we are able to share with you some of the makeup trends set by giant makeup brands like M.A.C Cosmetics at the backstage and runways of major fashion shows around the globe. Since we have reviewed the two M.A.C Spring/Summer 2015 trends previously, Enlightened and Re:view, we shall move onto the last two trends for today - Free Party and No Makeup makeup looks, shall we?

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mac free party h-fulton-2077-ss15

Free Party
With a whiff of a playful, festival vibe in the air, the collective consciousness this season turns to makeup that conjures up a carefree spirit by way of a rainbow gathering. Think Folsky, field-style translated to urban street-style and "girls at gigs", says Lucia Pica.

Against raw skin, makeup artists are treating colour as a precious detail which lends a non-precious effect,  pulling out hopeful, new age colours that have a seaside story to their palette: aquatic, clear-water blues and sea-foam greens, coral and shell pinks, sherbets and ice-cream pastels (and a spattering of fairground glitter).

mac free party collage02 mac trend free party herrera ss15 mac free party collage03

Mix, don't match: be free with the placement, throw on something unique and embrace the irony of a mint-chic-chip-green or a lipstick pink on the eyes. There are no prescriptions or rules. Well, except for one - ease up on foundation. "Anything involving colour only looks modern when you take away the skin coverage." says Terry Barber. Good point there. Modern is what we need instead of looking dated, right, lovelies?

We love the fact that the trend allows the skin to shine through and yet cheeky enough to play with the mixture of colours countlessly. Perhaps it is high time to bring out those long forgotten eye colours and take them for a spin and channel some of the looks here since the sky is the limit *_^

mac trend ss15 no makeup houghton

No Makeup
It's the inverted commas that are telling of this season's most prevalent trend: looking an-made up for SS15 actually runs the gamut from bare skin through to something more sun warmed, but only, very rarely, does it mean "no" makeup. The (as Val Garland puts it) "Really real" look is about the confidence to apparently not care, "but whilst the effect is natural, nothingness is not laziness... in fact, it's quite the opposite." clarifies Tom Pecheuex, "with natural makeup, every detail has to be worked harder."

mac trend ss15 no makeup collage01 mac trend ss15 no makeup f-puglisi

The "keeping it real" details: clean but not overly worked-on skin (concealer is king); a hydrated finish; minimal powder; translucently groomed brows; no mascara with straight lashes; sheer highlights, an insinuation of sun that ranges from a glow to a freckle to a surfer sun flush; a little lip conditioner (lipstick is almost obsolete for SS15).

Artists did mention the 70s and 90s as inspirations, but in truth looking "natural" has gone beyond needing to be referenced. It is, quite simply, the new beauty classic, the quintessential of looking modern.

mac trend no makeup r-ilincic-2057-ss15

Tonally and in feeling, it's warm and clean, not grungy. The "radiance from within" that Lucia Pica speaks of is genuine. "She's not the girl who needs to cover her face in foundation for her skin to look good; she'd rather take care of her skin," says Mark Carrasquillo. Simply, "no makeup" is a democratic view of beauty - we can all aspire to looking like the best versions of ourselves.

We feel that's one of the best descriptions that came out of this trend is being the best versions of ourselves. Ultimately, we do want to look like that, and not someone else whenever we look ourselves in the mirror, right?

mac trend ss15 no makeup products

We have included some of the products used to create some of the looks featured here. Hope you lovelies would have some ideas and get inspired to have fun with your makeup! Till our next season's line-up, which we can't wait to see what M.A.C is bringing us soon, have a beautifully luminous week ahead! Yes, go democratic with our beauty and be who we really want to be, yay *_^

All backstage and models look visuals courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics and you can discover more of the brand here. Have fun!

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  1. Hi my dear, so many great look, I am a big fan of the no makeup makeup look. I need to get some new mac products!! xx
    Have a happy week.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. haha happy happy shopping my dearie. Can't wait to see what you have scored from M.A.C soon! Thanks for dropping by.

      Big hugs,

  2. Eeekkk! First picture very cantik! I tried recreating these looks but sigh...I can't recreate the youthfulness. Today I tried applying mascara without eye liner for the first time I I love it, very natural and tomorrow I will try to recreate the first picture, hopefully I can pull it off.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. oooohhhh, can't wait to see your recreations of these looks! Yes, they look really beautiful, especially on beautiful skins of these models. Oh well, we can only be the best we can be, no matter at any age! There is always beauty in the confidence of someone who is beautiful, inside out, no matter what.

      Nice seeing you here again! Thanks dearie.

  3. I'm such a fan of no makeup looks as they just look so fresh and clean not to mention the whole fuss-free aspect. And yes it definitely starts with good skin. I spend much more time on my skincare than makeup these days so that I can wear less makeup ;p

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Very wise of you, I am also trying to do just that, less makeup but more focus on skincare and trying to get the best out of my skincare regime.

      Lovely seeing you here again, my friend.



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