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[Review] Christopher Kane x NARS Collection: Excite . Enhance . Electrify

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NARS in Malaysia was expending and it was our pleasure to be invited to their latest boutique opening at Midvalley Megamall recently, also in the conjunction of the launch of NARS artistic collaboration with London-based famous fashion house, Christopher Kane. We remembered the hype started way back long before the collection actually hit the market here in Malaysia and we were eager to find out what the huge hype was all about.

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Having graduated from a well-known fashion design school, the Central Saint Martins College and multiple award-winner fashion designer, Christopher Kane has carved himself a name (and fashion house for that matter) by churning out distinctive designs, often re-invent and using materials, elements that tend to be conventional and turned them into fresh and super fun cool pieces and collections. Perhaps the partnership with his older sister, Tammy Kane was indeed a good idea to begin with as great minds think alike and siblings-love makes it the more exciting and fun to run a fashion label, right?

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That Saturday morning was an intimate session, and the new NARS boutique was pleasantly decorated, simple but most definitely iconic of NARS’s signature look and feel. Let’s get into what our thoughts are using the Christopher Kane x NARS collection first and we shall leave the boutique experience for our future blog post, all right?

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The collaboration came as no surprise to many, we believe, since Christopher Kane and NARS has been collaborating in London Fashion Week since 2012. Both brands share a passion of vivid colours enhanced by redefining conventions and creativity. This 2015 summer sees a makeup collaboration that is surprisingly Neon looking, hence this limited-edition is aptly titled NEONEUTRAL, yet one that is super natural, as if the shades and colours are intentionally made shockingly vibrant at first glance, but when explored further, are extremely wearable that they somehow work and will change your first impression just by looking at them. Nothing is what it seems, we feel.

nars christopher kane collage01

The Christopher Kane x NARS collection features a full line of Eyeshadows, Blushes, Illuminating Multiples and Lip Glosses. Eyes are amplified with iridescent rose gold, pink, lilac and violet. Cheeks are flushed with soft beige or hot pink and lips are saturated in high-shine hades of neon pink and coral that subtly stain after the gloss is gone. The three makeup items we received were the NARS Starscape Blush, the Violet Atom Illuminating Multiple and the Nucleus Lip Gloss. All items come with a simple yet stand out branding stamp of Christopher Kane logo (loving that cool chic modernistic neon pink letterings!)

nars christopher kane  blush starscape nars christopher kane  blush starscape02 nars christopher kane  blush starscape01

The Starscape Blush (MYR128, 4.5g)
Now at first glance, this super neon pink blush is a shocker and most likely you may think that how on earth you can pull this off, well, at least that was what we thought at first (we are naturally not the super daring type when it comes to makeup *_^). But once applied, it gives off one of the most natural pink look on the cheek that is unbelievably natural (maybe it is due to its micronized powder formula). Glides on smoothly, like most award-winning NARS blushes, it is pigmented, yes, but not overpowering kind of matte finishing, with a cool tone. It just compliments the skin and gives us that natural glow that we need. This one is most definitely a keeper! Undeniably, a remarkable look for the cheeks.

nars christopher kane multiple violet atom02 nars christopher kane multiple violet atom01

The Violet Atom Illuminating Multiple (MYR154)
In line with the colour theme of this limited-edition collection, this multiple looks like it has a little dust of illuminating shimmering particles from the tube, when applied, it is a sheer iridescent kind of violet hue on the high points of our face. Like any other NARS signature multiple, it catches the amount of light well enough to give us that oh-so-fresh glow. The only thing we feel is that it somehow feels a little dry on the skin (quite similar to the feeling we got when applying the Luscia one we got previously). Nonetheless, it gets the job done and does it pretty well, we may add, if you are talking about giving off that appearance of glow. Since it comes in a tube, most definitely more convenient for travel or bringing it around comparing to the Dual-Intensity Blush (reviewed here previously) which you will need a brush to apply proper.

nars christopher kane lip gloss nucleus03 nars christopher kane gloss nucleus01 nars christopher kane lip gloss nucleus02

The Nucleus Lip Gloss (MYR95, 6ml)
If you had read our previous post about NARS Lip Gloss, you would know that it changed our perception of gloss in general. This limited-edition one from the collection still lives up to that standard that we hope to have in a gloss – light, non-sticky, easy to apply and gives off a beautiful subtle sheen. This is a soft pink seashell shade and gives our lips that healthy tint of colour. Can be layered on top of any of your favourite lip colours, we feel or be worn alone to compliment that fresh face look, if you wish, or glam up an evening look with the other more deeper and bolder shades.

nars midvalley collage01 nars mv space books nars mv audacious lip

It is said that Christopher Kane designs are often about a woman’s attitude as opposed to age. There is a certain tough girl evoked, but yet retain that little playfulness and emotional heart to the clothing line. We feel this approach did come across in this makeup collection for NARS. They may seem very young and edgy in appearance, but they do cut across most of our misconception that more matured women can’t wear too strong a colour, but they are just nice once applied onto the skin, easy and effortless. The Parellel Universe Duo Eyeshadow that we tried on that day does look really nice as well. It goes well with our Audacious Lip shade Angela which was specially picked out and applied by NARS makeup artist for the day, Janice *_^ 

Discover the full range of Christopher Kane x NARS collection here. Thanks NARS Malaysia for the love, once again and for the support. The collection is now available at all NARS boutiques in Malaysia. As always, have a luminously beautiful and happy rest of the week, lovelies *_^

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  1. You have a lovely blog – I LOVE these shots! So vivid :-) x

    1. thanks thanks Marie for the compliment. Hope you will enjoy the read in the future too *_^

  2. Every time I hop over to read one of your beauty posts, my wallet starts screaming for mercy. Haha! The blush is sooooo pretty, I'll need to check how much it is in CAD.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. ooooppsss, Shireen *_^ Hope you will find your favourite shade!

  3. I wasn't at all aware of this collaboration - thanks for the heads up! It's just as bold, loud and colourful as you'd expect! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. yes, indeed Gabrielle. never a dull moment with NARS, right?

  4. LOVE this post! I'm in love with the entire Christopher Kane x NARS collection. The "Mezmer" shade of lip gloss has become a staple in my summer beauty routine- it's the perfect shade of pink, and not too sticky! I wish I could have the entire line, the colours are so beautiful!

    Also, these photos are fantastic! Good work, girl! <3


    1. haha thanks Ashley. I know, right? So hard to resist and I feel the same way too - like you just want to have it all *_^ glad that you found a lovely shade for the gloss. It has been in my makeup pouch too!

      Thanks for the compliment, still much to learn in terms of photography work!



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