Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mt. Sapola | An Enchanted Afternoon of Blissful Home Scent Exploration

We do believe the sense of smell plays a crucial role in awakening the mind and body, especially in today's hectic lifestyle and environment. We were extremely thrilled to discover that we would have a chance not only to explore a wide range of home scents range brought to us by one of the leading experts in the aromatherapy industry here in Malaysia, we could even have a chance to learn a thing or two about scents and how to put together our own signature home scent. All thanks to PR friends at Suppagood and our gracious host for the day, Mt. Sapola of Malaysia.

Named after the mountain which the ancient Romans first discovered natural soaps, Mt. Sapola produced their first batch of handmade soaps in 1997. The company focuses on bringing the best in aromatherapy products and accessories for the home, such as essential oils, body, hair and skincare to its fans and lovers all over Europe, Australia, America and Asia. According to its Managing Director and founder, Ms. Cheryl Gan, Mt. Sapola's philosophy is simple - bringing the luxurious experience of spa treatments into your own home

Mt. Sapola carries a wide assortment of aromatherapy accessories such as candle holders and electric burners made from ceramic, terracotta, sandstone and bone china. They also have a range of beautiful diffusers and nebulisers made from glass, wood and ceramic that add style and class to any room in the home.

When it comes to aromatherapy, Mt. Sapola’s products are created using only the finest botanical ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. The task of procuring these essential oils is taken very seriously by Cheryl, who personally visits plantations and distilleries, monitoring harvest quality and  handpicking the best oils for Mt. Sapola. 

Little did we know that there is actually a science behind aromatherapy, especially in how to mix and match our own signature blend of home scent. The friends at Mt. Sapola enlightened us and took us step-by-step as to how to get the proportion of the mixture right. Of course, from the get go, one needs to choose which basic scents from the array of essential oils that you would fall in love with (sniffing with your nose, of course). 

Scents are grouped into basic categories like base note, middle note and top note, much like fragrances. Once that was determined, it went into some basic calculation and numbers and eventually one would get your concoction by mixing the essential oils according to that specific formula. It was such an eye-opening and rewarding experience to be able to discover how a signature scent that is truly unique to you was being created. 

Here for more about the brand. Meanwhile, latest updates from the brand seeing it rolling out a range of mosquito repellant products incorporating certain qualities of essentials oils which could deter mosquitoes naturally. Sounds interesting already. Available from April 2017 onwards.

Our signature Mt. Sapola Home Scent is called The S Ogyssey, it is a blend of three essential oils - Petitegrain, Bergamot and Patchouli. It is such a refreshing scent for us, making our space lingering with a blissful calming scent each time we put it on. Thanks Mt. Sapola Malaysia for such a wonderful and memorable experience. Nothing beats learning from the experts in aromatherapy themselves.

Till our next workshop, have a luminously beautiful and happy week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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