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SOS Skincare | Flawless & Luminous Skin For All

We had the opportunity to be invited to attend a brand new skincare launch some time back. It was one which is called SOS Skincare (Science On Skin). The place? Roost KL in Bangsar. Looking at the chic white simple packaging, it was already something interesting that got our interest piqued. We shall let our contributing writer, Nalini shares with you her experience of using the skincare range, shall we?

Hey y'all! Hope 2017 has been treating you well so far! 

It is Nal and I am excited to be back yet again with another review. This time on skincare. Truth to be told, I am not for it, hardly ever used any type of skincare products besides the St. Ives Celanser or Scrub. So, when I got a hold of this new pair of SOS Skincare, I was rather intrigued to find out what it can do for my skin. I sampled the Cleanser+ and the Multivatimins+ for over a month. 

For those who have not heard about the brand, it is not because you have been living under a cave. It is simply because it is the new kid on the block. Launched in December 2016, the Science On Skin (SOS) features three products to begin with - Cleanse+, Acne+ and Multivitamins+. Developed by French researchers, the SOS products are specially formulated for all types of Asian skin! SOS products differ from other over-the-counter beauty products, as its dermatologist-developed formulations boast of higher concentration of active ingredients that deliver multiple benefits to treat, rejuvenate and protect the skin from free radicals.

SOS Cleanse+ (150ml for MY49)
Cleanse+ is a dual-action gel cleanser formulated with antiseptic and astringent properties. Balancing the skin's pH level, it enhances the skin's ability to retain moisture for firmer and tighter skin. It also prepares the skin for better absorption of treatment products. 

I have to say, despite that there is not obvious or significant changes that I can see, I am happy with the way my facial skin looks and feels now. Naturally dry, my skin usually loses its glow by mid-day thanks to my air-conditioned office. I do not like using moisturiser as it makes my skin a little too oily. Up until now, I go out with not much protective layer on my face but with he Cleanse+, I noticed that my facial skin remains moisture and appears fresh until the end of my day. I still don't use any other products besides the SOS Skincare and it seems like that is all I would need for now. Just one drop will do, two tops, for a full face application. It is not slimy and creates enough foam with just the right amount of water in the mixture. 

SOS Multivitamins+ (30ml, 2x15ml chambers at MYR169)
The Multivitamins+ has a high concentration of Vitamins A, C and E, blends of stem cells, botanical extracts, collagen and potent peptides. This formula transforms your skin to a firm and glowing one. Vitamin A helps to thicken and stimulate the dermis reducing wrinkles and promoting blood flow to the surface of the skin. Vitamin C and E and powerful additions to an anti-acing skincare regimen as the proprietary stem cells boost antioxidant activities the help keep the skin youthful and firmer as well as reverse and prevent signs of aging. 

With the Multivitamins+ serum, the tone of my facial skin is slowly getting even and beginning to have more of a natural glow to it. Skin texture being firmer now, I feel that I look fresh and awake throughout the day. There are lesser blemishes and large visible pores. In the long run, even when I don't have enough sleep, the serum helps to lift my face and skin in a way where I look more lively that I should. The gel-like liquid has a tinge of citrus smell to it which I like compared to the usual fruity or floral smelling products.

After a whole month of use, I still can't tell if the solution lessened. I think I can use it for at least four months, if not five. That is a very reasonable buy in my books, peeps. That's it for now lovelies, I hope this read was insightful to you. Catch y'all in a different review then! 

That was the experience of our contributing writer, Nalini using the latest SOS Skincare products. The third product from the series which was gifted to us is the Acne+ and who better to test it out than our two growing teenage sons, whose hormones go haywire on them during puberty, right? They have acne and some pimples around their nose, cheek and forehead areas. Sometimes the skin would tend to look dry or flaky. Not a pretty sight, if you asked us. 

SOS Acne+ (30ml, 2x15ml chambers at MYR149)
Comes in a dual-pump set-up, the Acne+ does load up with some beneficial ingredients like Zinc PCA (controls excess oil while moisturising skin), Iris Extract (strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties), Licorice (calms and prevents redness, even out skin tone), Vitamin B3, C and Provitamin B5 (antioxidant trio prevents moisture loss and maintain skin's natural balance).

We got our sons to apply the two pumps, one each from the vile and blended it on their problem areas day and night. One is slightly less clearer in colour and texture than the other, they work their magic in drying up the pimples and acne a tad. The third day onwards, we saw some improvements on their face. Pimples are calmer, less visible and not as red as before application. Of course, break outs do happen once in a while during the time when they were using the product, but it somehow managed to control the situation better. We would love for them to continue using this one to keep to a clearer complexion. 

Back track to the day when we were officially introduced to this brand, it was a quaint little late morning at the Roost KL restaurant in Bangsar. Thanks to Suppagood PR team's great arrangement and the hospitality of SOS Skincare, we enjoyed a session of great information sharing about the new product line, along with a great catch up session with media friends and a really delicious lunch. The Applewood Smoked duck, especially, was scrumptious and tasty. Thanks SOS Skincare for having us. We hope you will find time to check out this new skincare brand and give them a try. It does look and feel promising after all.

Mr. Wilson Goh, the Managing Director of SOS Skincare

Here for more on SOS Skincare and their Facebook page here. Till our next beauty and skincare adventure, have a truly lovely and luminous week ahead, lovelies. 

With love,

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