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Introducing Dior Colour Gradation Spring 2017 Collection

Time flies and spring announces its arrival with such energy that it feels like there are so much more to experience, explore and do during this season. One of them would be to uncover what Dior, the beauty brand has to offer this season. Thanks to Dior Malaysia, we had the opportunity to try out some of the beauty items that are available this spring, they called it the Colour Gradation Spring 2017 Collection. (here for more) Shall share our thoughts on them today.

Dior Colour Gradation Eyeshadow Palette (4.5g at MYR260) - Limited Edition
There are two shades of this 4-colour palette, 001 Blue Gradation and 002 Coral Gradation. The one we have is 001. Comes in Dior's signature casing and pouch, the four blue shades of colours look impressive in the pan, adorned with the pleated pattern of the house of Dior, simple yet alluring we feel. 

From sky blue to azure, the cool tones compliment each other and we love how it can be subtle yet the intensity of the eyeshadows are good enough to build up to a more smokey effect for the eyes.  Soft yet buttery feel to the eyes, matte finishing, this palette is versatile. If you love the colour blue, you will fall in love with this one. We did notice the staying power of the eyeshadow was not as expected, an eye base product would be advisable. Here for more.

Rouge Dior Brillant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour
If you had known us long enough, we are not really a lip gloss kind of gal, more lipsticks instead, but we have to say this new one by Dior took us by surprise. We totally enjoyed it as it glides on effortlessly, leaving the lips feeling moist, light, not sticky, very much liquidy kind of feel, yet the colour payoff is intense. It looks more like opaque liquid lipstick rather than a gloss. We are pretty in love with this shade, 878 called Impulsive, really as it gives our lips a pop of colour, looking classic yet with a twist of fun element to it!

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Spring 2017 (Limited Edition)
We have tried pink mascara before but BLUE would be our first, this one from Dior spring 2017 collection is one really pretty one in terms of the shade of blue, 284 Overnight. Love the packaging of the tube and the wand is built in such a way that it does catches a lot of eye lashes and coats our lashes well with the blue hue. Quite electrifying, the final look and effect. The only little qualm we had with this one is the fluidity of the formula, it feels a tad too thick and dry. If it were a little more watery, it would be so much more easier to glide onto the lashes. Here for more.

DiorBlush Colour Gradation (6.5g at MYR189) - Limited Edition 
This ombre blush looks simple yet exquisite, we feel and keeps to the theme of the Spring Gradation collection. There are two shades selection to this - 001 Pink Swift and 002 Coral Twist, which is the one we have here. Comes with a standard blusher brush, this coral tone blusher suits our mid tone complexion really well. It could be applied lightly to give that flush of soft colour effect on the cheeks or can be layered over to create a more intense look, if one wishes. Here for more.

Diorshow Mono Spring 2017 - Limited Edition
This is one gorgeous mono eyeshadow colour that had us at hello when we first opened the little pan. Even though it may look daunting but the thought of having a hypnotic eye look with this shade 391 Now is more than enough to entice us to try it on. It is actually a more teal shade than it looks more blue here, please do excuse our visual captured due to lighting. Here for actual shade. The other shade from the collection is 474 Early. It is matte, intensely saturated and a dream to swipe onto the eyelids. Super sensual colour shade, we would say. Great to create more depth and definition with, to the eyes.

Rouge Gradient Spring 2017 (Lip Shadow Duo Powdery) - Limited Edition
This is one intriguing lip product, we felt, when we first unboxed it. Dual ended with dome-shape soft foam tips at both ends with different shades, it is meant to apply onto the lip matte, and feels like eyeshadow on the lips. Cool? A first from Dior but we felt it fell short in making a great impact onto our lips. The colour pay off was very very subtle, imparting only a sheer wash of hues, especially the lighter shade of the two shown above (975 Purple). Other two shades selection here. It also feels and looks like the amount of product is quite little, even though we twisted it a few times to pick up the product onto the foam tips. Not a favourite of ours from this spring collection.

Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick Spring 2017 (Hydra-Gel Core Mirror Shine) - Limited Edition 
The colour shade we received was 850 Pink Twist. It looks totally stunning from the tube and has a second tone in the centre of the lipstick, apparently to give the lips an added glossy shiny effect. Nonetheless, when we applied onto our lips, the strong colour did not seem to transfer exactly what we had expected. In fact, it was quite sheer, perhaps it is due to its high oil content. Having said that, it feels smooth on the lips and pretty nourishing, thanks to its lipcare oil ingredient. Here for other shades selection.

Dior Vernis Spring 2017 - Limited Edition
Four bold colours for the nails this spring, the one we were gifted was 340 Maybe. We have tried this bold neon yellow colour before, so it does not come as a shocking surprise for us. The new improved softer, longer and flat with a rounded tip brush applicator of the vernis does feel nice. Upon application on the nail, the colour did not seem to even out quite well, it somewhat slipped. It definitely has to go on a second coat for it to look more decent. It is supposed to mimic gel enamel with its "Gel Coat" resins. The good points of these new colours are the elimination of harmful ingredients. They are formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates or camphor, which is wonderful indeed. Here for more.

There you go, some of the selections from Dior Spring 2017 Colour Gradation collection (here for complete range) which we received, courtesy of Dior Malaysia. A huge thanks for the opportunity to try them out. Some hit and misses and some total favourites for us. Hope you are still in time to pick up some or check them out.

Here for more about Dior Beauty and makeup and here for their gorgeous Instagram updates. Till our next beauty adventures, stay luminous and happy always, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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