Monday, March 6, 2017

[Inspiration | Musing] My Own Way of Believing

Time and time again, life beats you down with rain from a thunder storm that could only leave you feeling all drenched with coldness that cuts through your bone and strips you bear naked, feeling totally defeated. Yet, it is this very rain that makes you realise its beauty, so that you could completely rejoice in the next sunlight that sips through your subconscious and makes you feel all hopeful again, with the arrival of a brand new month. 

We hang on to our last breath, hoping that things will change for the better, much better as time goes by. Tired but never once felt that this life is not worth fighting for. Embrace that little happiness, no matter what, for change will bring you to a much more peaceful place, one that has your name on it, one you can finally feel all at home, free and loved.

Hello March. Let's just shake hands and be good friends, all right?

Visuals via LUMI's Pinterest here. Woman in the sun.

With love, 

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