Wednesday, March 15, 2017

LifeProof Your Gadget & Have The Best Adventures Of Your Life | LifeProof NÜÜD

Live beyond your limits! Have you wondered where is the further you can go in life and what would you do to just have that in life? To live life knowing that there is still so much more to explore and experience is such an amazing feeling. When LifeProof Asia (here for more) approached us to give their nifty gadget a look and review, we were immediately captivated by the brand's philosophy and idea of pushing the boundaries and live life to the fullest. As adventurous as we hope we could be, we do (secretly) harbour such wishful dreams of climbing the Mount Everest (ooops! haha, maybe not that, but somewhere closer to home, the Mount Kinabalu!) or surfing the rough sea or waves of the Point Break of Noosa, Queensland, Australia, we could only settle for our daily walk and run, or an occasional tennis session for now. We bet that day will come, eventually for us to cross those off from our bucket list. We are hopeful, in that sense, no matter how foolish it may sound.

So, what remarkable gadget are we talking about here then? It is none other than LifeProof's new NÜÜD iPhone Casing. You may ask, what so special about this casing? Aha, sit back and we shall reveal it all here. How about the sound of 4 Proofs with Zero Doubts - Water Proof, Dirt Proof, Snow Proof and Drop Proof! Super duper cool, right?

Comes in a package, LifeProof NÜÜD series phone casing features a screenless technology which delivers direct display interaction, yet it can still maintain its waterproof and the other 3 proofs features, which we feel is awesome. It is form fitting, compliments the iPhone clean lines' aesthetics without compromising on strength. On top of that, our phone's functions stay active, from the buttons and ports to the cameras and fingerprint scanner.

Of course, before we assemble and install the casing onto our phone, it is instructed that we should test out the casing's capabilities to perform its 4 proofs features (well, at least one of them, which is submerging it into water for 30 minutes), so we did, by watching this instructional video here. We strongly advise you to do so. We did exactly how it was shown in the video, so to make sure that the casing works perfectly, even though it is said that all casings went through vigorous and strict factory testing before they leave their manufacturing line. Guess what, there wasn't any water droplets from the mockup test casing spotted, fantastic features indeed.

Even though fixing the casing (after the water test) onto our actual iPhone took a bit of a struggle as it is really form fitting and tight, but we guess that is the whole reason for it, right? Co-incidentally, the sky started to drizzle that evening, so we took the opportunity to take it out for a spin at the park nearby. Yes, we can safely say that it truly performs up to its claim of waterproof.

Overall experience, we totally love its sleek design and features, military grade, it is air-tight and functions as per what the website stated (though we could not test out the SnowProof feature *_^). More about why you should pick a LifeProof gadget and accessories here. Our only qualm would be these - it can add a little extra weight onto your phone, and it takes a little getting used to for us. The headphone jack cover and main charging deck have a screw and a cap to close or seal them air-tight, respectively. It can also take some getting used to, as it is pretty tight, a little hard for us to get it opened. Other than these, we could imagine having it along with us on our next outdoor adventures! We believe it will keep our iPhone in one piece and survive any impact that comes our way *_^

Thanks LifeProof Asia for the opportunity and huge love for us to give this one a go. More about the brand here (check out their videos on their website, which we totally love by the way!) and you can keep up-to-date with their latest happenings via their Instagram here. Till our next adventure, have a luminously fabulous week, lovelies *_^

With love, 

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