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Travel | Royal Langkawi Yacht Club | Our Perfect Marina Sunset Part 1

Visual courtesy of the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

Drifted along amidst that hectic city life that we have always been engulfed in, deep within, we yearn for that getaway, to a place where our heart feels free to explore, to feel, to be much closer to nature - the sun, the sea, the sky, the wind and beyond. That yearning was fulfilled, thanks to the kind arrangement of Adhawk (here) and the courtesy of our gracious host and new found friend, Mr. Tayfun Koksal, the General Manager of the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (here for more) recently. Yes, our secret little dream was about to come alive. We could not wait but to count down to the days when we could set foot on this piece of paradise on earth. 

Let's set sail and come to Langkawi with us, will you? 

Located on the South-East of Langkawi Island (Langkawi, which is well-known for her legends and long-steep mysteries), close to Kuah which is the main town, The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (RLYC) is the brain child of Melewar Group's Y.A.M Tunku Tan Sri Abdullah whose passion for sailing led him to build a structure that is today a home away from home for sailors, local and international and regular patrons alike. Began as a 44-berth marina more than 20 years ago (1996) and now offers 250 wet berths including 6 berths for mega-yachts up to 80 meters in length, RLYC offers tourists, visitors and most often than not, her returning guests a place to unwind, stay, dine and wine and catch the best sunsets in Langkawi and even go on a sunset cruise if you fancy, all within a short walking distance from the Langkawi Jetty if you come via the ferry or half an hour car/cab/uber/grab car ride from the Langkawi Airport.

The one and only largest and award-winning marina in Malaysia, RLYC went through an upgrade and expansion in 2015 with the establishment of Fisherman's Wharf, which include but not limited to its restaurant called Charlie's Bar & Grill, offering local and international cuisines (menu here) and few other restaurants like Jake's, Scarborough's Fish & Chips, Ice Cream bar Sugardaddy's, convenient shops and what not. We arrived and was greeted by the friendly Mr. Tayfun himself and we chatted over an appetising welcoming lunch while admiring the amazing marina view, right in front of our eyes. 

Seaview from our balcony

The RLYC Hotel (here for more) is a boutique hotel that has 44 rooms comprises sea view, hill view, courtyard and sunlight which houses external bathrooms. Dotted with artifacts and decors related to sailing and the sea, our room is a sea view one which leads to a balcony with a spectacular bay view of the marina. The room is simple and comfortable, with a sailor vibe due to its blue theme amenities. Quiet during the day, it was a good time for us to kick back and chill for a while.

In the evening, we even got a special peek into the marina bay area where all the yachts docked and the opportunity to check out some of them. The life of a sailor or perhaps a feel of the super rich and famous? Well, we didn't rub off that richness but we did have a pretty good idea the slow living of life at the marina - savouring what the sun and the sea have to offer, soaking in the sea breeze at your own pace, the way you choose to pass time, in a nonchalant manner, without the care of the world, perhaps *_^

The day unwind into a slower pace as we eased into our dinner time, witnessing the sun set as the clock ticked away, minute by minute, as the sky evolved into a blanket of various hues of orange, a little crimson with a tinge of sandy grey due to the gloomy weather that evening. Though we didn't catch the most magnificent sunset as the club was famous for (amongst other things like The Royal Langkawi International Regatta here), but the lovely company of a new female friend was most definitely a delightful surprise. She loved the club and the laid back lifestyle at Kuah so much that she keeps coming back for more *_^ 

We were so looking forward to our second day at Langkawi, after a great adventure the first day. A huge thanks to the RLYC for such great hospitality and do come back for our second parter to our Langkawi escapade with the club soon. 

Check out this video above and you will be amazed how beautiful and magnificent the RLYC is, especially from the aerial views of the marina and its whole vicinity. Nothing beats a great vacation like this one, just a place to chill, relax and make some good friends along the way. More about the RLYC here.

The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club
Jalan Dato' Syed Omar, 07000 Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
Tel: +604966 4078 | Fax: +604966 5078 | Email:

Till our next rendezvous, hope you had fun with this one, lovelies. Have a luminously gorgeous new week ahead!

With love, 

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