Tuesday, October 27, 2015

[Inspiration | Musing] Hello From The Other Side

Sorry for breaking your heart, but truth can only be told, not once, but again and again, to make it ring through, ring true, to let it echo into the woods, through the woods, deep into the woods, and beyond. Have you ever thought that I would make it out there alive? Did you hear me crying from the other side of the world?

While you were busy picking out that piece of your favourite clothes, I am far far away, mending those threads, patching those gaps, stitching and sewing away.

Hello from the outside, but you pretend that you did not hear me calling. 

You did not see my child yearning for my love, but I could only continue to mend, to stitch, to sew, so that I could put bread onto my child's plate, so that you could have that piece of clothes you want so much, but would not think twice to put it out of its misery ever so quickly, without much thought when the next new trend come along.

Would you ever turn your back on me? If you had seen how hard I work, day in day out, you would understand the voice that I could not utter, the one that chokes the very breath of my existence. 

Hello there. Please remember me, before you decide to consume that next piece of trendiness.

A tribute passage to those who have perished in the Rana Plaza Tragedy in 2013. The True Cost of fashion, a documentary we recently had the opportunity to catch during EcoFest Screening here. Some may disagree, here and here, but it is an eye-opener to at least watch how our consuming behavior and decisions impact others, no matter how big or small. 

Visuals via Visual Optimism blog here and here.

With love, 

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  1. Gosh I got chills reading through this post Jeann, how very well written.. and thought-provoking! It's always important consider how our actions impact those further along the line either in the past or in the future. On a different note, I hope you're well Jeann and that your week has started well! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. thanks Gabrielle, my week has been busy with production shoot work but all ended well. Hope you are having a great time back at home in UK too!

      Thanks for dropping by *_^

  2. Thank you dear Jeann for sharing this beautiful post.you know I love your writing.
    ahhhh!! Just what I needed to read now.

    1. thanks thanks dearie. You are always so sweet. am glad.

  3. The photos are really stunning especially the first one. Great post!


    1. yeah Kenneth, I love these pics a lot, hence they ended up in my blog post *_^

      Nice seeing you here again, buddy!


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