Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bobbi Brown For KLFW 2015 Makeup: Paint The Runway Blue (Part 2)

After the orange accent makeup look featured previously, Bobbi Brown continued to paint the runway beautiful and colourful, this time around, this makeup brand which has been the official makeup for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week for the past three years transformed the models and made their eyes pop with the colour BLUE at this year's KLFW 2015 previously. We had a chance to check out how the looks were done by the Bobbi Brown team and also had a quick chat with Felix Nguyen, the Education Manager for Bobbi Brown (Asia Pacific). 

Is there one major thematic makeup concept for this year's KLFW? Or is it as per the fashion designer's request?
This year, it is all about having one key focus, whether it be lip, eyes or brows. But the skin is always important and it is all about making the skin look as flawless as possible. With designers, it is a two-way process, so we work quite closely with them.

Any trends or looks in particular that Bobbi Brown is trying to bring forward via the runways this year?
Illuminated skin! Because who does not look good in illuminated skin? And who does not want it, right? Illuminated skin makes you look fresh and gorgeous and it works great in humid climates.

What is the most exciting part of Bobbi Brown collaboration with KLFW as the official makeup?
We love the glitz and the glamour of KLFW but we also love that we get the chance to share Bobbu's message about beautiful skin, great products and celebrating who you are.

We super love this blue eyes look that was created for the runway show that day! It has such a futuristic and artistic flavour to it, one of our favourite makeup looks for KLFW that we have seen during those two days there backstage. This eye makeup look elongated and give the models' eyes that centre of attention that is hard to resist - sharp and hypnotic. We also love this shade of blue, very refreshing indeed.

What are perhaps the specific or signature Bobbi Brown makeup products that you will be using on the models for KLFW 2015? Are you introducing or incorporating any new makeup item this time around?
For that healthy and perfect glow for the first, I would definitely use the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm (MYR245), here for more. This year, for the face, we chose to use the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick (MYR155), here for more, simply for its versatility and its consistency for producing a flawless skin. Another one would be the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (MYR93). It is perfect for creating beautiful eyes, from a tight crisp line to dramatically smoked-out eyes. Here for more.

What is a makeup quick fix or a must-have backstage Bobbi Brown makeup time that one can't go without?
Q-tips! And the Bobbi Brown Face Mist (MYR120). It is great to freshen up the skin and touching up your foundation. Consider it a reset for your makeup.

It was quite an experience watching the Bobbi Brown makeup team coming together from different parts of the world, to do makeup for the models, and making them looking stunningly beautiful for the shows. Thanks Bobbi Brown Malaysia for having us backstage. It was super fun *_^

More about the brand here. Till our next makeup adventure, have a beautiful weekend ahead, lovelies. 

With love, 
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