Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Travel | The Familiarity of The Unfamiliar That Is Hong Kong

Visuals via LUMINNEJ's Instagram
Visuals via LUMINNEJ's nstagram

Remember when we said that we wish to do a little more travel? Stepping out more for 2016, making that thought on the last day of 2015, hoping and wishing here? In a strange way, the universe must have heard us *_^ We landed a very last minute shoot project (moi is a full time screenwriter/producer by the way, if you don't already know) and the place we needed to head to was this place we had a brief encounter with many years back - Hong Kong. We were due to shoot a short interview with this British band called The Vamps (here), which actually recorded the song, Kungfu Fighting for the renowned animated movie, Kungfu Panda 3 which will be hitting the theatre worldwide real soon. They also voiced some of the characters in the movie, if we were not mistaken. 

Perhaps due to the last minute nature of the project, it was destined to be some what unexpected in many ways. Drama set in way before the shoot even began! We missed our flight that very early morning (NOOO... but unfortunately YES! Don't ask why for our hubby could not even fathom the rational behind this!), landed in Hong Kong two hours later then scheduled, though we managed to reach the shoot location way earlier than expected of us, and right before the shoot began, the sole of our sports shoes came right off! Can you believe that? 

Fortunately, the interview with The Vamps went well and we got what the client wanted, all thanks to my capable camerawoman whom we have been working with for some time now. She was such a trooper (yeah, we were both under the weather that day, and we had to ran like Olympic runners, dashing for the last 100m to the boarding gate, the second time around to catch our flight to Hong Kong earlier that morning!).

Well, lesson learnt? WE NEED MORE TRAVELING TRIPS! haha *_^ The second day was a much calmer one, though it rained and we were just enjoying the extra cold weather of the city that time (right after the very first ever below zero climate in many years for Hong Kong), walking around this area called Tsuen Wan 荃灣, around the vicinity of the hotel that we were staying, Dorsett Tsuen Wan, small little hotel but comfortable enough to soothe our uber tired body at the end of the day. We managed to check out this quaint little place called Jockey Club, Tak Wah Park 賽馬會德華公園. Here for more

Traveling is such an amazing feeling, no matter how brief or rush it may seem, for us, it was like a rare treasure being uncovered. Hong Kong is a city which never cease to amaze us, yet it is still one that eludes us right up till this trip. We really wish to go back there again, but with more time and poise, to really get into the pulse of the city and explore beyond what we have captured here.

Till our next adventures, we wish that our next venture out of Malaysia will be a less heart pounding and stressful one *_^

With love, 
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