Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Green Tomato Cafe | A Garden Style Dining Experience

Tugged away in the hustle bustle of KL city is this quaint Al Fresco style cafe that aims to promote healthy yet hearthy homemade style eating, with a twist, we must say and this garden style cafe we are talking about is none other than Green Tomato Cafe. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, our little family arrived at the Green Tomato Cafe, and we were immediately greeted by the friendly staff and bubbly cafe owner, Emilia Tan. She quickly recommended us to try out some of their signature dishes and beverages, and that was how our gastronomical journey for the day began, amidst the cosy rustic open environment, under the sunny weather of KL.

Green Tomato Cafe is not only a cafe serving up delicious breakfast and lunch, it is a location where you will find Green Tomato Cafe, MyBatik Souvenir Shop and MyBatik Workshop, situated all in one big vicinity of lush green environment near Ampang area. We shall talk more about that later. First up, we had a boost to our morning by starting off with their 100% freshly squeezed and blended juices of carrot, ice lemon tea and their signature Healthy Green Detox juice (green apple, cucumber and celery). They were such a thirst quencher and super refreshing, to say the least. All juices are priced at MYR12 each.

While we roamed around to check out the area, dotted with eye-catching quotes for life lessons amongst the greenery and popped by at the batik workshop just a stone throw away to snap some pictures, our brunch were served. All dishes are served with specially wrapped utensils in handprinted batik (locally made and designed), to add to that local flavour. First on the menu was Green Tomato Cafe's famous Egg Benedict.

You have no idea how tasty this Egg Benedict dish is until you bite into them. The poached eggs were cooked just about right and melted into the bun and in your mouth once bite into them. It has a rich and creamy flavour, perhaps due to the combination of eggs, chicken ham slice and the hollandaise sauce. Our two boys practically chowed down the dish and finished them within minutes! Yes, it was that awesome, trust us. A must try, most definitely. Egg Benedict at MYR18. The Cappuccino (MYR10) that spelt "Thank You" was a welcoming sight and the coffee tasted smooth and delicious as well. Our boys even got a chance to learn how to do the coffee art from the friendly team there much later after our meal. Though it was not picture perfect and instagram worthy but not too shabby either for a first attempt, don't you think so? haha *_^

Our other meals included the Green Tomato Cafe Beef Burger (MYR18), the new addition to the menu Rosemary BBQ Chicken (MYR18), Fish and Chips (MYR18) and Sausages. The beef burger is made up of specially flown in Australian Beef patty, which was really juicy and tantalizing, with buns, side dishes like french fries, pickles and green veggies. This is another winner from the cafe. Very delicious, to say the least. The other dish that caught our attention was their Fish and Chips. The fillet was well seasoned and coated, crispy on the outside, a children's favourite, most obviously. The only little set back was the new Rosemary BBQ Chicken as it was a little blend for us. We were told that since we pushed our appointment an hour earlier, it didn't leave enough time for the seasoning to work better *_^

To complete our brunch, we were served two desserts - the Oreo Cheese Cake (MYR12) and The Chocolate Muffin (MYR8). Good thing about these desserts were that they were not too sweet. The Oreo Cheese Cake was an instant favourite with the boys while the muffin was rich in chocolate flavour, yet not too overpowering on the taste bud. We were even offered another cold drink for the day as the weather was getting warm towards noon time already, the tempting looking Ice Chocolate (MYR13). By then, we were sugar high after finishing our Ice Chocolate drink *_^

All in all, the food was awesome! What's more, one can even make an appointment to learn the art of batik painting at the MyBatik Workshop while you are there. It was a simple playing of colours, a test of creativity (and patience) for kids and adult alike.

Another treasure trove that we were intrigued by is their MyBatik Souvenir Shop, just a quick walk away. We popped by to have a look and was immediately spell bounded by the little cute handmade and locally designed and crafted souvenirs, ranging from soft toys, pouches, paintings, bags, purses and so much more. It was most definitely a great place to explore or you would love to get your hands on some local ornaments and artifacts.

To counter the sweetness and wind down further, we were invited to stay on a little and experience the premium teas by Bradley's that were available. We tried the Green Tea Jasmine and Moroccan Mint blend (MYR8 per cup or MYR10 per pot). Both were top quality tea, even the hubs loved it so much (he is a coffee and tea lover!). At that point, we have decided that we have just had the most relaxing morning of that entire week.

What we love most about The Green Tomato Cafe was the open space, ample (free) parking area and green outdoor environment, a change from the usual indoor dining experience that one may get, and one not only gets to enjoy great food, but in a laid back mood, great for family and friends get together. It is also children friendly with a little small playground to keep the them entertained. Don't be fooled by just the food shown here, there are so much more variety to choose from. Discover more what Green Tomato Cafe has to offer here. In fact, they are running their Chinese New Year promotion now and the good news is, you don't have to worry there is no place for good food during this festive season! Green Tomato Cafe is opened even during the Lunar New Year holidays!

Stay updated with the cafe via their Facebook page here and follow them on Instagram here if you are curious.

Green Tomato Cafe
Yayasan Seni, 333, Persiaran Ritchie, Off Jalan Ritchie, Off Jalan Ampang Hilir, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Opening hours from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Daily (extended hour till 8:00PM for the month of February 2016)
Contacts: +6012 388 7343 / +603 4251 5154 or email to

Thanks Green Tomato Cafe for having us! We shall look forward to our next visit *_^

With love, 
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