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Introducing M.A.C Ellie Goulding and Faerie Whispers | January

January arrived and is winding down to a beautiful ending very soon. We glide along this first month of the year very nonchalantly, in our approach to beauty as well. But, something from M.A.C Cosmetics came along and added that little sparkle and spring vibe into our makeup routine, not forgetting, rubbing off that little fairy dusts and sensual goddess magic onto us *_^ 

M.A.C Ellie Goulding Collection
Who could forget that angelic and sexy vocal of Ellie Goulding, that infamous song Love Me Like You Do that basically renders all women feeling all weak in front of her "ideal man"? (thanks to the movie, 50 Shades of Grey *_^). This powerhouse goddess had previously teamed up with makeup giant, M.A.C and through a carefully curated collection, launched a special edition M.A.C Cosmetics x Ellie Goulding range that looks super sexy, like the singer herself. The collection maneuver along the lines of being effortless au naturel by day, but transformed into breathtaking bombshell by night. Here we are introducing you to two of the products from the many ones in the collection.

M.A.C Ellie Goulding Halcyon Days Palette (MYR238)
This is actually a face kit, consisting of four cream colour bases and one blot/pressed powder. Comes in a signature Ellie Goulding logo on its casing, once opened, a four earthy nude shade tone palette is presented to you. A lower compartment is cleverly disguised underneath the four face cream bases. Once slides open to the right, a blot powder is seen, a double-decker concept. Two of the Cream Colour Bases (Tint and Root) are part of the permanent range. Cream Colour Base formula is a versatile cream-based product that can be sheer, buildable, creamy, or shimmery and can be used on eyes, lips or face (some shades have restricted usage). They can be used alone or over products (including powder). 

Root (top left) is describe as red taupe brown with shimmer, Tint (bottom left) as soft peachy brown with shimmer, Everytime You Go Away (top right), a creamy peachy pink and finally Wish I Stayed (bottom right) light cream pearl. Take a closer look at the shades here and the rest of the products from the collection here.

M.A.C Ellie Goulding Plushglass (4.2ml at MYR95)
This lipgloss that has the rose gold logo of Ellie Goulding looks pretty. Two shades available are Explosion (warm light golden shimmer) and Goodness Gracious. The one we have here is Goodness Gracious. This is a creamy pink peach kind of tone, the Plushgloss is a sheer lip-colour with a pearlized high-shine gloss finish. Consistency wise is medium, not too thick or sticky, but not exactly runny or light either. But what we love about it is its cooling sort of effect, enriched with Vitamin E and sort of plumps the lips slightly, to give you the effect of slightly fuller pout. Take a closer look at the two shades here and the entire collection here.

Cream base products don't necessarily go well with our combination skin, we used Root, the lightest shade from the palette as our eye base, it does have a pretty shimmery effect, which we really love, the look of it, when first applied, even with eyeshadow on top, but creased on us a tad, after a few hours, due to our oily eyelids. We prefer to use the palette more for lips and face rather. The Medium Dark blot powder applies smoothly, but it feels and looks like other pressed powder we had from M.A.C previously. We personally feel if you have not tried any cream base products from M.A.C, this palette maybe a good way to start, or you are a huge fan of Ellie Goulding. Looking super pretty aside, with lovely earthy pink peach tones, and the signature celebrity packaging, it may not be a must-have items for existing M.A.C lovers, which most likely, you would have other products that do the tricks to achieve desired goddess glam look.

M.A.C Faerie Whispers Collection
When one thinks of fairy, one would imagine sparkles, star dusts, shimmers, lights and all. It is a secret wondrous world that is beyond the imagination, but captures one's heart, nonetheless. It is a flickering kind of shades, glow and metallics, everything but boring. The two items we have from this magical collection are the Foiled Shadow (Enchanted Forest) and Lipstick (Midsummer Night).

M.A.C Lipstick (3g at MYR74)
Signature and iconic of M.A.C, their lipstick comes in a wide variety of choices, in terms of colours, finishings, textures and more. This Midsummer Night shade from the Faerie Whispers Collection is a mid tone coral nude shade which we absolutely love. Wears on beautifully. Discover the other three shades here.

M.A.C Foiled Shadow (3g at MYR89)
Enchanted Forest it is, this one comes in a brown, slightly shimmery shade, with a debossed design, in that signature M.A.C round see-through pan. This foiled eyeshadow can be used dry or wet, giving off that shimmery deep brown shimmery look when applied dry, while if we use it wet, the colour becomes more strikingly metallic. A very intense colour payoff, which would definitely get you some attention *_^ You can check out the rest of the shades here.

We hope January is treating you lovelies well and hope you would still have time to check out these two collections by M.A.C Cosmetics. Here for more about what's coming up next or what's available now from the brand.

Have a great weekend and be happy always *_^

With love, 

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  1. I can't say I'm really familiar with Ellie Goulding and her music but this makeup collection certainly looks very pretty. The colors look really soft, feminine and wearable and they have me looking forward to spring. I'll have to hit up the MAC counter the next time I'm at the department store to get a gander in person.

    Have an amazing new week Jeann!

    1. Yes indeed, Rowena! Can't agree more with you on the shades and prettiness of this collection. Yeah, perhaps it would be fun to check them out soon as there are quite some interesting collections coming up from the brand *_^

      Have a fabulous CNY celebration there in NYC!!

  2. The collection is really neutral and easy to wear, the one that I love the most is definitely the coral nude lipstick... The color is so pretty... Any swatches of it ? :)

    1. Yeah Sarah, this collection is very wearable mainly for its neautral shades ... Ooooppss I don't do swatches, M.A.C website will have them, usually *_^

      Nice seeing you here, thanks for dropping by!


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