Friday, December 16, 2016

Introducing The New M.A.C Lightful C Quick Finish Compact & Lightful C Marine-Bright Softening Lotion Spray

We were pleasantly surprised when we found out quite some time back during our sneak preview of M.A.C Fall/Winter2106 trend that one of our favourite makeup brands has finally launched its cushion foundation! Yes, we were totally excited to check it out. So, today we would love to introduce you to just this, and another skincare product from M.A.C which we had the pleasure to try out previously here, but this one is an updated version of it. Hope you will enjoy, lovelies *_^ Yes, M.A.C has also recently refurbished its Pavilion KL boutique with a whole new facelift which to us, looked totally chic and cool, don't you think so? It was timely as the Christmas season was fast approaching and we were invited to check out its holiday collection, which was absolutely funky and sweet, aptly called M.A.C Nutcracker Sweet collection! (here for more)

M.A.C Lightful C SPF50/PA++++ Quick Finish Compact (with Refill & Cushion Puff) 12g at MYR160
Similar to its range, Lightful C is a skincare collection by M.A.C having infused with Marine-birght formula and Super-Duo Charged Water, benefits of the Lightful C foundation in an innovative cushion compact for quick touch-ups and maintaining bright, radiant skin. Holographic white chic with colourful stripes packaging aside, this is one compact foundation we have come to love, seriously. Reasons? It is moist, never heavy or cakey, and it hugs our skin with a superfine layer of foundation that leaves it looking natural with a satin finish, almost like a fresh glow after a workout of some sort. The coverage is good and build able, as how you wish it to be. We are not too sure how it fairs with the new 197H Duo Finer Square Foundation Brush (specially designed for the compact) as we have not tried it out. 

The cushion puff that comes with the compact has a nice soft yet relatively solid feel to it. The cushion itself is quite moist and soaked with foundation, so a gentle dab into it will do to pick up the product to go onto the face. We cannot say enough how much we have enjoyed this compact from M.A.C. Most definitely a winner for us! 

M.A.C Lightful C Marine-Bright Softening Lotion Spray (100ml at MYR174)
As we have mentioned earlier, we have tried this lotion before here, we loved the texture and its feel on our skin, this new one is no exception, aside from the design of the bottle itself, and the fact that it now comes in 100ml instead of 150ml. With this new updated version, it comes in a spray nozzle instead of a pouring out straight from a bottom type of dispensing way onto a cotton pad or your bare hands.

Personally, we could not see the difference in terms of this new spray function, perhaps it is meant for backstage fashion runway makeup use as it would be more convenient and fast? Or maybe it can be more specific areas of the face that you can target onto with this spray nozzle? We could not seem to figure out its purpose. Having said that, it does not change the fact that we totally love this softening lotion as it really wipes clean the finer residue of makeup or dust or dirt which sometimes cleanser could not do, and it leaves our skin feeling soft, moist and supple each time. It also preps our skin well enough for the next step of skincare application. The refreshing smell of it is a bonus. We are still loving this one a lot *_^

Visual courtesy of M.A.C Malaysia and Justin Yap on Jeann

Thanks M.A.C Malaysia for the love, always and for the invite. We had so much fun that evening catching up with good friends. That Nutcracker dance was a wickedly cute one! Do check out the new Pavilion KL store and play around with their collections, especially the holiday collection! Totally a cool vibe there. More on the brand here and its Instagram feed here.

Visuals via LUMI Intagram

Hope you lovelies have been enjoying your December and is gearing up for a lovely lovely Christmas celebration, as much as we love this time of the year as well. We shall be sharing with you some seasonal collections, hopefully really soon, so stay tuned and come back for more. Till then, have a luminously gorgeous weekend ahead soon *_^

With love, 

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