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XMAS 2016 Series | Dior 2016 Holiday Splendor Collection, Making A Golden Splash This Festive Season

First and foremost, there is a spoiler to this post, as much as we were super excited when we received this season's Dior 2016 Holiday Collection Splendor (here for more) quite some time back, but we didn't get around to photograph them proper yet, hence we never gotten around to try them all out until much later and by now, as we are penning this post, we discovered that some of the items within the collection has already sold out! Ouch, our apologies for not getting this one out much earlier. Nonetheless, in the spirit of Christmas coming right up real soon, we would still love to share just a quick one with you on our thoughts of this super lovely collection from our favourite beauty brand, Dior *_^

Diorific Mat Holiday 2016 Limited Edition (Velvet Colour Lipstick, Weightless, Long-Wearing)
We are a total lipstick gal, especially one which is super strong and sensual. Gold and vivid strong red shade? Oh yes, baby. This shade in 950 Splendor is one which is so classic yet made chic by Dior with its all golden tube and packaging. It glides onto the lips beautifully that you would not even noticed that it is matte, yet the finishing is full coverage, powdery and velvety without drying our lips, but feels totally comfortable like second skin. Turn heads with this one, most definitely! Here for more about the shades selection.

Dior 5 Couleurs Splendor Holiday 2016 Limited Edition (Couture Colours & Effects Eyeshadow Palette) MYR265
This Christmas season, the Dior eye palettes come in two combinations of shades, one cool tone (066 Smoky Sequins - white, silver and black) and one warm tone palette (776 Precious Embroidery - pink, mauve and violet). Both are equally enchanting and hypnotic. The sequins motif is so exquisite that we swooned all over it for a long time, really, having the urge not to even touch it for fear that they may just disappear right in front of our eyes. The formula glides on smoothly and helps create gradients which surprise us. Its versatility is endless, we feel. Be it soft touches with hints of colours to full fletch smokey eyes look, these are good. Here for more details.

Diorific Matte Fluid Holiday 2016 Limited Edition (Lip & Cheek Velvet Colour) MYR155
Lip & Cheek makeup items is nothing new, but it is quite a welcoming note to see that Dior is going into it as well, though we are not really a huge fan of this kind of dual-purpose makeup products personally, having said that, it turned out to be quite a surprise with Dior series. Out of the four shades available in this collection, we have two - 003 Treasure (rosewood infused with blue) and 004 Luxury (fiery red).

It has a faint scent to it and glides on smoothly, be it on the lips or the cheeks. It has a powdery finishing to it. On our lips, it can look sheer with just a single layer, it is like a stain on the lips, or it can be intensified by applying multiple layers over the lips, based on your personal preferences. It dries down quite quickly to a little stickiness feel to our lips, which is still bearable for us. Nonetheless, we did notice the staying power is not that awesome as expected. On the cheeks, it looks pretty natural and feels comfortable too. Of course, equally can be layered to your liking. Here for more details and shades selection.

Diorific Splendor Holiday 2016 Limited Edition Illuminating Pressed Powder (MYR350)
This is one collector makeup item most definitely! Our heart totally skipped a beat the moment we opened and saw this golden little treasure, it almost beamed with wonders of the magical world (of makeup heaven that is *_^). The embossed sequins motif keeps to the consistency to the design of the season's collection and is absolutely mesmerising, reflecting the intricate art work inspired by the Haute Couture ateliers from Dior. Comes with a brush, one soft dust of this illuminating powder on the high plains of your face (cheekbone, chin, forehead and bridge of nose) and décolleté contours them with such finesse that it makes you glow in total bliss. It does make you feel like a goddess. The powder is fine yet packs a punch, so a light hand will do. Here to see us with this powder on our instagram, if you are curious.

Diorshow Fusion Mono Christmas Look 2016 Limited Edition (Long-Wear Professional Mirror-Shine Eyeshadow)
This is one super interesting eyeshadow. Comes with a beveled applicator, the shade is 751 Infinity. It is a really pretty shimmery mixture of gold, bronze, silver and taupe kind of flattering colour for the eyes. It has a soft, bouncy gel-like mousse texture to it. With finger tips application, it leaves a soft wash of shimmery colour, but applied with the applicator, we would get a more intense colour payoff.  It holds up fairly well on our oily eyelids. It is one that will add sparkles to your eyes, especially for the holiday season. Here for more.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Christmas Look 2016 Limited Edition (Sensational Mirror Shine Hydra-Plumping Volume) MYR155
We are naturally not a lip gloss kind of gal, so this ultra glossy one in the shade of 672 Climax looks super sexy straight from the tube, with a little shimmery specks but feels a little daunting for us. Yes, it is most definitely glossy shining like a reflective mirror, totally once applied on the lips. It is also said that it has that ultra-plumping effect, which makes one's pout look juicier than it is *_^ basically fuller and kissable (not too bad an idea after all, no?).

Though it is not as sticky as we initially thought most lip glosses are, we still feel its sheer finish could not make our two-toned lips more appealing. Nonetheless, it works better over a matching lipstick beneath though, we realised. If you are a lip gloss lover, you would be falling in love with this one, just the sheer beautiful shade of it is enough for you to do so. Here for more.

Diorblush Splendor Holiday 2016 Collection Limited Edition (Vibrant Colour Powder Blush) MYR189
Sequins motif aside, this new limited edition Diorblush looks pretty from the pan, one may even spot some fine golden glitters in it, but in actual fact, it does not show on the cheek. Comes with a bevel brush, we feel this soft pink coral shade blusher is universally flattering, but it does not seem to elicit a "wow" from us upon application, as in the intensity is not that apparent. It is just a soft wash of very faint colour to the cheek, but surely makes the cheeks look more natural instead. Perhaps works better for weekend use of some sort. Here for more.

Diorific Vernis Holiday 2016 Collection Limited Edition Splendor
This would be our first time trying out Dior's Vernis nail polishes and we have to say that these two limited edition colours that we were gifted, 770 Precious (fushia) and 899 Cosmic (dark berry) out of the four solid vibrant colours (here for more colours selection) and one silver glittery top coat (here) compliments our skin tone perfectly, It glides on very smoothly and the brush feels just nice for a good application. We love the consistency of the formula, not too thick and not too runny either. In love with these little babies.

There you go lovelies, we are most definitely geared up for this year's Christmas, all thanks to the lovely team of Dior Malaysia for such a huge love! Here to learn more about this Holiday Splendor Collection and here about the Dior brand. We hope that you are still in time to find what you love or perhaps some gift ideas for your loved ones this year. Besides, one can actually personalised your love notes on the red ribbon, if you purchase your makeup beauty products at a Dior boutique. Isn't that wonderful?

We wish you all the best! Till our next beauty adventure, stay happy and luminous always *_^

With love, 
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  1. Love this collection a lot especially the Precious Emboidery eyeshadow palette! Your photos are stunning like always dear <3

    1. Aaawww thanks so much my dearie *_^ nice to see you here!


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