Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Review | Sisley Paris Izia, The Collision of Fresh Vibrancy With A Breeze Of Elegance

The culmination of freshness of fruity floral, seduction of a very rare kind of rose and the sweet warmth of woodiness of precious ingredients from the garden and nature bring forth this extremely unique scent, imbued with endless imagination and a sense of adventure, grounded with sensuality of a woman who looks at the world with a fresh new eyes and mind, every time. Sisley Paris's new scent,  IZIA  (here fore more) came to us like a breath of fresh air, as surprising as the gorgeous pink and gold accent packaging, and its exquisite glass bottle specially designed by Polish sculptor, Bronislaw Krzysztof is more than enough to entice you to take another look at Izia or just pick up the bottle and to sample its amazingly unique scent. We are pleasantly surprised, truly. 

First of all, the bottle presents itself in such a silhouette that calls to the woman in us, with its smooth curves and all, it was said Bronislaw designed the glass bottle having the inspiration of two pebbles from the ocean, stack on top of each other. We love its one of a kind shape, different from any other fragrance bottles that we have so far. Watch Bronislaw work his magic here, it is interesting how the bottle is born from a pair of skilful hands. 

The box itself that carries the fragrance bottle is another artfully designed piece, we personally feel. The gold brush strokes accent stand out from the white box, giving the proud owner a sense of pride owning such a scent. We fell in love with it almost instantaneously the moment we laid eyes on it. From the founder, Isabelle d'Ornano herself, her inspiration for this new scent derived from her ultimate love for this rare rose called Ornano Rose from her Loire Valley rose garden, which only blooms once a year in late May. 

Visual via (Browns Departments Store)

Top note of Bergamote, Pink Peppercorn and Aldehyde, heart note of Ornano Rose, Angelica, Transparent Floral Note and base note of Cedar, Ambre and Musks make Izia a truly outstanding one. It's refreshingly zesty yet anchored with a sense of maturity and vibrancy, floral yet underlying with a certain warmth that lingers with a little spiciness. It is the collision of different elements and layers that truly makes this scent a wonderful one to enjoy. A working collaboration with English female artists, Quentin Jones gave Izia that rock-and-roll edgy vibe to its presentation and concept (learn more here), one that almost as if trying to tell the world - look at me, I am sensual, yet I am different in so many ways, like a woman who has many facets in her, soft yet strong, playful yet confident, playing different roles in today's modern society. That is what Izia represents, to us. Definitely a winner for us. Izia, you are a captivating one indeed. 

A huge thanks to Sisley Paris team Malaysia for the big love, we have been enjoying Izia for the past year, and still do up till today. It makes us feel exceptionally special each time we put this one on, one that makes us stand out and enjoying being a woman. After all, like what the founder and creator of Sisley Paris, Isabella said, fragrance is all about enjoying the experience it brings to the wearer. We could not agree more with her. More about the brand here. Izia is retailed at MYR390 for 30ml, MYR530 for 50ml and MYR850 for 100ml.

All mood board visuals via LUMINNEJ Pinterest here. Hope you lovelies had a great start to a brand new year of 2018! Let's get things going for the year, shall we? Be happy, be luminous always! 

With love, 
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