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Astalift Hi Tea With Nana Mahazan | A Refreshingly Uplifting Afternoon

Photogenic Beauty, that is the core belief of this Japanese skincare and beauty brand, an extension from its original photo-film-centric business brand, FUJIFILM. Yes, we are talking about a beauty brand called ASTALIFT (here for more). This innovative beauty brand aims to achieve 'Photogenic Beauty' that is projecting beauty from an inner shine that gives the woman a strong presence, glowing from within. 

We had the pleasure of attending a private media hi tea session with local celebrity, Ms. Nana Mahazan at the exquisite Enchan-Thé Japon, Salon De Thé, Isetan Japan Store, Lot 10 previously. It was an eye opener sharing session, finally getting to understand a little more the technology behind the beauty brand and how various technological assets such as those on collagen and nanoparticle formulation fostered through the photographic business of Fujifilm were adapted to cosmetics and other new business fields via Astalift.

Back in 2007, Fujifilm successfully formulated nanoparticles of Astaxanthin, a red ingredient filled with beauty power. The proprietary nanotechnology was used to blend the delicate ingredient stably and at high concentration to boost permeability, resulting in the debut of the red skincare series, Astalift containing Nano Astaxanthin. Yes, you heard it right. When we were introduced to the Astalift range that afternoon at the cosy get-together, the content of the skincare is red orange in colour, unlike most skincare that we have seen or used before. Of course, the coming years see the creations and discoveries of Human-Type Nano Ceramide, nanoparticles of lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes (that explains the colour), 'Nano AMA', an excellent beauty ingredient found in the Centella Asiatica which is a herb of the parsley family and many others.

During our tea session, Astalift Malaysia beauty consultant shared with us the technology behind its UV protection sunscreen product, explaining that Fujifilm included UVA guard in their Astalift White Clear UV Solution to protect the skin from the strongest UV rays which is the UVA rays of 370-400 nm (longest wavelength region). It was shown to the guests via a little scanning light device. The effectiveness of the product is amazing, it got our interest piqued. Most time we tend to use a sunblock or sunscreen protection without actually knowing if they truly work and give us the most optimal protection from the sun, but this one is measurable, which is awesome we feel.

Ms. Nana is definitely a happy skincare lover of Astalift as she shared with us enthusiastically how the skincare transformed her daily routine and the results they have on her skin since she started using this revolutionary skincare range. Among her favourites are the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta Renewal and White Essence Infilt from the anti-aging range, leaving her skin looking radiant and flawless.

A meaningful and enjoyable afternoon it was for us, getting to know this Japanese skincare and beauty brand a bit more and learnt how film technology can inspire beauty and skincare to produce even more effective and technology-forward beauty care range, within a very tranquil and delightful Japanese tea session. The desserts were delectable, to say the least. 

Astalift White Bright Lotion (130ml at MYR167.48)
Fujifilm forayed into skincare and beauty we believe is only natural since it is said that film and skincare share one thing in common - collagen. Collagen occupies 70% of the skin's dermis structure and more than 50% of the film consists of collagen. UV lights cause photo degradation in film, and also 80% of skin aging. Hence, with more than 80 years of experience in handling collagen in film, we are pretty sure the brand knows what they are doing in the skincare department as well.

The Astalift White Bright Lotion targets both the epidermis and the layer beneath, the dermis, to not only combat temporal issues but to prevent progressive skin dullness that is caused by age. At the same time, it also works on brightening the skin. This is an improved version, having Nano AMA to combine with Ferulic Acid. AMA+ has a greater capability in preventing progressive skin dullness.

Comes in an orange red clear lotion type, it is quite watery when pumped onto the palm. It smoothes onto the skin really well (Astalift calls it the 'Bright up' texture due to its quick absorption), having that moisturising feel to it. Absorbs well without that heavily sticky feeling left on the skin. We do notice that our skin feels more rested, suppled and slight improvement on our overall complexion, though our stubborn dark spots and one or two pigment spots remained unvarying.

One thing we do love about this product is that it is eco-friendly. Its bottle uses 60% less plastic and has an award-winning 'Smart Refill' system that is highly hygienic and allows consumer to reduce our carbon footprint.

Astalift beauty counters are available at Isetan KLCC, Isetan One Utama and Isetan The Gardens Mall. Thanks Astalift Malaysia for the gracious invite and for such an uplifting afternoon of learning and sharing session. More about the brand via its Official website here and Facebook page here. Their brand new Instagram page here.

Hope you had a fruitful week so far and enjoy an even better new week ahead, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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