Sunday, May 6, 2018

[Inspiration | Musing] Drifting Space

Space drew a deep sigh and withdrew away, in hiding, in the shadow and not wanting to show her face vividly, to her secret admirer. No matter how much I beg, space retreats and unwilling to compromise. Perhaps she is utterly disappointed that she is not what she seems to be after all. 

"Do I need to tell you how I really feel out loud?" space mumbles underneath her little breath. "I am but a girl just wishing upon a star, hoping to get to hear a little echoing respond." She sounds hopelessly disappointed. I could not seem to figure her out. Perhaps it is not my place to do so.

I try to tell space a joke, but she seems unmoved by my little attempt of kindness. I miss her hearthy crazy laugh, I miss seeing her smile and her naiveté, I miss her random rants of her wild but harmless thoughts swirling in her restless mind.

Space, I shall leave you to your own corner, perhaps you do need your own space after all. Tell me when you are ready to step back into the sunlight again. I shall be here, waiting patiently for you. I know you are a strong little one, you will survive it all, no matter for you choose both sweet and bitter of life to savour. 

Be a good girl and come back out, all right, space? 

Visuals via Lumi Pinterest here | Her Face | Cultivate Kindness | All Is Not Lost

With love, 
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