Wednesday, August 22, 2018

[Inspiration | Musing] That Change Of View

I can't help falling in love with you, space, for you give me a new way of looking at things, you show me that a different view is possible as long as you have an open heart and mind. Fear of the unknown and unfamiliar is terribly real yet beautifully inviting at the same time. I embrace this change, I took it all in, head on, without having a shred of doubt that I would eventually be fine, over time. 

Space, you seem forgiving, you seem friendly enough to accommodate my weakness and all my shortcomings, a woman who only wishes to be happy, no matter where she is, to be free of the worries of the world, yet she knows too well that life is never a bed of roses and worries can only be kept at bay with strong hopeful thoughts and solid baby step actions. 

The new space seems more peaceful, rendering me more solitude of the mind and soul, to be just who I want to be - a simple woman with simple needs, to have ample mental space to think, to explore, to do the things I enjoy doing. 

I have come home, somewhat I feel. The person who I am and who I perhaps would eventually be, are equally similar yet so different in ways I could hardly comprehend but could only embrace as much as I could. Life is beautiful after all when what you search for is only happiness and good intentions, nothing more as the rest seem to fade away like the whispers of the winds.

Some things are just meant to happen that way ... 

Have a fantastic and luminous rest of the week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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