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Review | Cuepido Cosmetics Simply Beautiful Pure Moisture Oil-Free SPF45 & Beauty Mist

All beautiful things come from a place with lots of love and care behind them, we believe. So, this skin-loving skincare brand is no different. If you had followed LUMINNEJ for some time, you would have noticed that we fell in love with Cuepido Cosmetics (here for more) for some time now (our crushes, naturally here and here previously) and we have always enjoyed the array of natural and organic skin freedom concept skincare and beauty products the brand offers. This time a round, we would love to share with you a little brief thoughts of the two products we received many moons back. Yes, life just got in the way and it is long overdue, nonetheless, excited to let you lovelies know more here. 

All Cuepido products are formulated without Paraben, Phthalates, Triclosan, Sulphates and Gluten, which is such a comfort to know. In today's world, we are already overloaded with enough harmful chemicals, knowing what we consume or put on our skin is gentle yet effective is most definitely rewarding. Read more about the brand here.

Pure Moisture Oil-Free SPF45/ PA+++ (MYR135, 50ml)
The moisturiser comes in a lovely white packaging with main ingredients and properties nicely reflected on the box. Upon unboxing, one will find an airless pump bottle, which is good as it is as hygienic as it can get. We noticed a quirky feature, but definitely thoughtful - the transparent leave-shaped cover to the pump tip! How cool is that, we thought. 

This is an oil-free formulation. With its SPF45 infused into the lotion, it protects against three major causes of skin cell damage: UV rays, oxidation and overproduction of sebum. With UVA/UVB protection PA+++, it's an added level of sun damage defence from environmental aggression. We love a moisturiser that comes with sunscreen protection. It's powerful antioxidant blend of Vitamin E repairs signs of aging, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and hyper pigmentation. It also contains Sodium Hyaluronate to deeply moisturise the skin. It is said to be ultra gentle that this product is even suitable for sensitive skin. 

We find the white fluid really is lightweight and glides onto the skin easily and it does absorbs well into the skin upon application. It is not scented and feels non-sticky. We feel it is a good one to layer onto the skin right before makeup. It feels comfortable. As for it's efficacy in reducing hyper pigmentation, not so much. Perhaps our pigmentations are quite stubborn *_^ We love everything about this moisturiser, except one thing though. We noticed as we were about to finish with the product, it did seem to not able to dispense it anymore, perhaps it is due to its airless bottle makeup, somehow we were still left with a little of the product in the bottle, so we had to open it up and scoop the lotion out. Such a waste, to be honest. Apart from this little glitch, this moisturiser is a wonderful beauty item to own! More about it here.

Rose Beauty Mist (MYR89, 120ml)
This is a hydrating and moisturising mist featuring Bulgarian roses obtained from steam distillation of fresh rose petals that helps to balance and restore skin's pH and tighten pores and lighten pigmentation. It's Vitamin C content helps boost collagen production and prevents pre-mature aging too. This anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial organic rose water has all the medicinal and therapeutic properties of organic rose essential oil to nourish, soothes, hydrates, calms and brightens the skin over time. It's a toner and facial mist for all skin types, body splash and anti-anxiety spray. What else this is? Dewy complexion mist, makeup setting spray as well as deodorant. It is quite a multi-tasker, it seems. 

To be honest, we are never a fan of rose, so we were a little weary, but since we enjoy the lavender mist previously, we thought it would not hurt to give this one a try. It basically does what it says. Our skin is instantly drenched with moisture and keeps our complexion supple, though we do need some getting used to the natural scent of the rose. Between the two, we feel we gravitate more towards the Lavender mist, naturally, simply because of our personal preference. We are pretty certain for those who love roses, you would love this one *_^ More on this here.

All in all, the brand doesn't disappoint in terms of ingredients and quality of content of beauty products. We thoroughly enjoyed using both items and frankly, we still have fond memories of the Antioxidant booster serum (here) and Rich mineral moisture gel (here)! Give the brand a try if you have not already, we are very certain you will find something you will fall in love with, just like us! Why wouldn't you if they are skin loving products after all, right? Happy skin is definitely beautiful skin. Discover more about the brand here and check out their Instagram here. #simpleisbeautiful after all.

Have a gorgeously beautiful weekend ahead, lovelies *_^

With love,
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