Monday, October 15, 2018

Introducing The Rejuvenating Experience of Hair Rituel By Sisley Paris

Our tresses may seem like a passing notion to some (like us previously) but to many, it is the one true crowning glory that truly deserves the love and attention it requires. After going through series of hair colour changes and experimentations, we have come to appreciate the importance of good hair care, even though we are always spotted with ultra short hair *_^ So, you can imagine our excitement when Sisley Malaysia team invited us to an exclusive hair journey with its new launch of Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris (here for more) comprehensive hair care program that aims to clean and detangle, regenerate, fortify and beautify. 

The Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris consists of 6 hair care products that were carefully formulated to give one's hair the best pampering experience. It's a sensorial and experiential approach to hair care, and upon us arriving at the pop-up counter that afternoon, indeed it was such a relaxing and pampering time with the brand! Within the program, there are 2 shampoos (The Revitalising Volumising Shampoo and the Revitalising Soothing Shampoo), The Restructuring ConditionerRegenerating Hair Care MaskRevitalising Fortifying Serum (for the scalp) and Precious Hair Care Oil

We shall share with you a little of our experience using some of the hair care products here.

The Revitalising Volumising Shampoo (200ml at MYR290)
With the combination of Camellia oil (making damaged hair soft and supple), Shea oil (smoothes the cuticle, improves shine, reduces dehydration), Hazelnut oil (softens and smoothes hair) and multiple effective active ingredients, this shampoo gently cleanses while providing vitamins and minerals for the vitality of the scalp and hair. 

The Revitalising Smoothing Shampoo (200ml at MYR290)
This smoothing shampoo has almost similar properties and active ingredients with the volumising shampoo, all the same goodness of its counterpart, except it contains Moringa oil which feeds and increases the brilliance of the hair.

Restructuring Conditioner With Cotton Proteins (200ml at MYR270)
Have you ever wondered why we should use hair conditioner? Most of us would think that it is to soften the hair and give it that silky smooth feeling and look. Well, that is just part of the equation. In fact, one of the important reasons to use a conditioner right after our shampoo is to actually restore the pH balance of the hair. Hence, it is an important step not to be missed.

This conditioner is an instant conditioning for the lengths and ends. It is said to be highly concentrated in restructuring and lipid-replenishing active ingredients, with great detangling power. It will increase shine and improve hair resistance.

We have to admit, the first thing you will notice about this range is its fresh fragrance scent across the range. It smells really lovely and relaxing, it does imparts a certain sense and aura of spa-like ritual sort of feeling for us each time we use the range, truly amazing kind of feeling on the hair and the scalp! The Revitalising Fortifying Serum For The Scalp smells absolutely divine!

Regenerating Hair Care Mask With Botanical Oils (200ml at MYR360)
When we first tried on this hair care mask at the counter, it felt lightweight and was not heavy on our hair, gave off the same wonderful scent with the rest of the products in the same range. It is said to be enriched with four botanical oils that allow overall regeneration of the scalp and hair. Highly concentrated in plant-based active extracts, proteins, vitamins and mineral, this amazing oil energise the scalpt to strengthen damaged hair from the root. Shea, Macadamia, Camellia and Hazelnut oils rebuild and intensely nourish the hair finer. Light yet creamy texture, the oil is ideal for massage and can be easily distributed on the hair from roots to ends. How to use? Apply the treatment to clean, damp hair, evenly distributing the mask from roots to tips, massage over scalp, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.

Precious Hair Care Oil (Glossiness & Nutrition), 100ml at MYR390
Thanks to a special blend of Passion Fruit oil, Shea oil (smoothes the cuticle and improves shine, limits dehydration), Cotton oil and Moringa oil (feed and increase the brilliance of hair), the Precious Hair Care Oil provides nutrition, radiance and softness to the hair. It also restructures and creates a film of light around the finer. We absolutely love this hair oil as it is lightweight and does not weigh down our hair. Clear in colour and texture, it gets absorbs into the hair pretty fast, feels nourishing and soothing and makes our hair smells absolutely divine.

All in all, Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris is a hair regime that is well formulated and design to give the hair the maximum pampering. Our sensorial experience with the range is top notch. It is super relaxing and refreshing. The freshness of the fragrance is truly commendable. We feel Sisley Paris has got it right with this hair care range and the geometrical structure look and feel of the whole design packaging is something we find unique for a hair care collection. Well thought out! By the way, the most heavyweight amongst the range would be the Revitalising Fortifying Serum as it is retailed at MYR730 for 60ml. Sisley Paris has brought hair care to a whole new level!

Hair care is in fact as important as our skincare. Discover more about the range here. Thanks Sisley Paris team Malaysia for the invite and the opportunity to try out the products. Hope you lowlives are having a great week so far! Happy new week *_^

With love, 
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